Dos Santos recovered from injuries and setback at UFC 155


Sep 25, 2010
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Well if he wants it to stay that way he'll shut up about the rematch with Cain.
Good. Now get back to smashing people and rebuild your confidence with a couple victories before the rematch.
he doesnt look like gil melendez anymore. thats a good thing.
JDS will be back bigger,stronger and hungrier than ever,he will win the belt back within a year.
Looks like he's wearing make up haha. Probably just the lighting, I would assume.
Still looks kinda lumpy to me. It is to be expected after the 22 minute beating he took though.

I hope he comes back strong, rematch or not, JDS for life foo.
That's good that he looks like his old self so soon. He seems like the kinda guy that won't let this beating ruin him mentally
Oh, he is recoverd and training hard to his rematch, as we can see in this picutre...
well he thins the fans want an immediate rematch so he might still be rocked. :p

Good to see JDS is doing fine. Obviously those swollen lips accounted for a good part of the WTF looking after the fight, it doesnt take 60 days to heal from that.