Dos Santos looks ripped!! Rory MacDonald says he'll lose via ground and pound

Man I hope Rory is right. Would love to see Cain get his belt back.

How is it Cain's belt it isn't like this is a immediate rematch, it's been Dos Antos for a few fights now I mean if Cain wins he can say he got Tim Sylvias belt back too. I think the words, got "The" Belt back is more appropriate thing to say, Im tired of him also saying he is going to get his belt back. The belt isn't your's fewl.:icon_chee
A fighters "chin" is a term for the ability to take a punch to the head in general

Apparently, on Sherdog, you have to specifically call out the exact location on a fighter. Therefore, I should have said:

"Cain's left side of the head behind the ear will let him down again."

My bad.
My bet is on JDS because Cain tends to get sloppy with his striking. His speed as a HW has let him get away with it, but JDS is just as fast if not faster.

And he has a better chin.

But, I will say this, and maybe it should go without saying: If Cain does manage to beat JDS? He absolutely deserves to be champion again.
looks absolutely beastly in the photo

*clicks your link*

only pic in the article is



Who the hell authorized this picture of Rory? It's obviously a screen cap from video.

He's also right, Rory. Velasquez via GNP round 3!
If Velasquez goes aggressive for the takedown I predict 1st round uppercut KO.

If he chooses to box I predict a 2nd or 3rd round TKO.

If he is super defensive maybe he can stand up for a decision loss but with a lot of damage received.

He just can't win that fight.