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Dos Flight Simulation Rudder controls

Discussion in 'The Arcade' started by LeoGyakazuki, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. LeoGyakazuki White Belt

    Mar 17, 2015
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    For games sch as Gs2000, I played with keyboard you get to maneuver the helicopter left or right, then select the pitch or the strenght of the rotation of the main rotor with the +,- keys to create lift. You don't have to hold it, just press it and it will incrse accrdngly.

    What's missing in the keyboard is the ability to control the tail rotors, which allows you to quickly face left or right. The left or right in the keyboard alone, is usually cause by tilting the main rotor to the sides, making the helicopter veer or bank to that side.

    With joysticks, you are able to contrl the main rotor with the left analog stick,and you can choose to use the right analog stick for the rudder by pressing left or right (which instantly lts you rotate the helicopterleft or right ) and up or down increasing/decreasing the pitch of the maint rotor. If you press up, it increases the rotation creating lift. The difference with the keyboard here is you have to hold the stick up, to continually create lift. Unlike just pressing + in the keyboard, you have to hold it in the analog . its nearly impossible as you have to continue hold it up, and push left or right to rotate, while you are maneuvering the helicopter with the left analog stick.

    Has anyone encountered these problems in old dos flight simulation games. You can't just let go of the second control for the lift of the rotor, you have to hold it, while expecting you to push left or right, at the same time pushing the left analog stick.

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