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Donald Trump Partners with Affliction


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Feb 26, 2008
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The Trump Organized has decided to invest in the future of MMA by partnering with Affliction. This is a pretty hefty backer that will be in Afflictions corner as they continue to gain market share in the industry. Rapid growth will spawn sales in apparel, collectibles, other fan items, and promotional events. Like I mentioned yesterday, we will be seeing more and more big players entering this industry, and this will be great for up and coming fighters who are in need of sponsorship. Love him or hate him, Donald is helping our industry. Donald had this to say:

"I have been a fan of professional sports since childhood, and I am particularly impressed by the athleticism, courage, and strength of these disciplined athletes." said Donald J. Trump. "This particular sport resembles my business style of being fast paced, strategic, and aggressive
Interesting development.

If true this could sure shake things up in the MMA world.

A "smaller" show/organization can certainly because a competator rather quickly if suddenly the organization has the big money to pay for big name talent...

Again should be interesting
of course donald trump would jump on this popularity, and maybe tito had something to do with it on the apprentice, jk
I kind of have mixed feelings on this. While its good that the UFC has competition, I feel this will be a case of the rich getting richer.
Good to hear it. The more money backing this new org, the better.