Dominick Cruz: Henry Cejudo isn't the GOAT unless he beats me


"My style is kneeing people in the face."
Nov 8, 2015
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Dominick Cruz has a message for the current UFC bantamweight champ.

If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.

Former dual-champ and current UFC 135-pound champ Henry Cejudo recently relinquished his flyweight title and has called out an array of former champions, including former UFC bantamweight champ Cruz.

Cruz (22-2 MMA, 5-1 UFC) hasn’t competed since losing his title to Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207 in December 2016, his longest layoff to date. But despite all this time away, he’s still being constantly called out by the likes of Cejudo and rising contender Cory Sandhagen.

And Cruz, who’s been sidelined due to a shoulder injury, says if Cejudo wants to call himself the greatest, he has to get through him.

“Well, I’m kind of in a Diaz situation, Nate Diaz situation, where I’m like, ‘You got Henry Cejudo calling me out, why would I want to fight anybody else?” Cruz told Brendan Schaub on the latest edition of “Food Truck Diaries.” “He’s the title holder, he’s got an Olympic title and thinks he’s a ’25-pound and ’35-pound champion. That’s the guy to beat, and he wants to say that he’s the GOAT; you’ve got to beat me, bro. It’s plain, simple, period.”

“It’s just like, let’s do this. I’m right here, I’m finally healthy. We’re both coming off shoulder surgery, we’re both from Arizona, we were both on the same national wrestling team. I know his style. I know everything about him, I know his background. I know how he grew up.”

“Realistically, fighting me makes you the best in the division if you can beat me, but I think you know the truth; that’s why you’re going towards an Aldo that lost to Moraes, who you beat,” Cruz said. “That gives some comfort, where you got me you could face, after a three-year layoff, where I’ve looked very good before in the past, and I fight a little unconventionally, but the way I see it is we’re both coming off shoulder surgery and so that makes this an even fight to have.”

“Within the next six months,” Cruz said. “I’m healthy. This year, I will fight as long as everything stays in line like it has, and I learned that a lot of what was stopping me has just been keeping focused on the now and not worrying about things you can’t control.”
If there’s ANYTHING El Domin8or is good at is OUTCLASSING manlets.

In a perfect world I'd like to see Marlon get his TS seeing as he got the nod or have Petr Yan fight Cejudo and have Jose and Cruz fight.
Even a past prime Cruz runs circles around Cejudo. His style is made to beat the Cejudos of the world.
C'mon Dom.
Your last fight was 3 years ago
Wouldnt mind watching that, does this means Dom is fight ready? its a shame he has wasted so much time on injuries.
the guy who hasn't fought in FOREVER, shouldn't be saying anything. the guy is an amazing commentator for the sport, but his body is shot. let's see you win a fight, then you can say something.
Cejudo isn't the GOAT, period. He's not the GOAT of 125, he's definitely not the GOAT of 135, and without either of those two things, there's no chance he's the overall GOAT. Don't encourage him.
One of the rare matchups where I'm happy with whomever wins.
Cejudo isn't the GOAT, period. He's not the GOAT of 125, he's definitely not the GOAT of 135, and without either of those two things, there's no chance he's the overall GOAT. Don't encourage him.

There is a ton of people who disagree. Me for one.
Dude has spent a combined 6 years on the shelf. How can anyone beat you if you're never healthy?
Probably the only fight that would make me root for Cejudo.
Prime Dom easily UDs the short Cejudo, right now, who even knows how his body would hold up at this point. Sucks that his shoulder got injured. Hope he returns soon.
I feel like Cruz has been in the UFC for like a decade but has fought like twice.
I don't like the guy but Cruz is right.
He's also a terrible style match up for the cringemeister. 50-45 all over.
Make it happen imo
the guy is an amazing commentator for the sport