Doing loads of training but no idea on what to take


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Oct 2, 2003
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Lost 30 pounds from doing Thai boxing over the last 8 months I am now training 4 times a week and cycling every single day instead of driving , I am in the zone! lol

any way weight is coming off! got about 14 more pounds to loose then I will be at a happy weight.

Now I would like to start to take some type of shake which will help my body recover that bit faster as I am training so much and give me all the vitamins I need + i find my self getting home lat at night from Thai boxing and end up eating any type of food so it makes sense to replace it with a shake which will fill me.

I am worried thou that taking any old shake will stop my weight loss and but the weight back on which scares me !!!!

Please help !! :D
nothing in there you read them!

looking for some one similar to my self and can advise or you may as well close this forum down if people cant ask ?`s
They can ask what hasn't been asked 1000's of times.
Well, no one's going to answer you now. Now what did you learn?
"Nothing in there?"

Now I know you didnt even read it.
No. You read the FAQ over gain. The info is there for you. You are just too lazy to learn and want to be spoon fed which people around here do not like to do. We would rather you gain some knowledge and understanding. If you had more of a specific scenario...we would gladly help. Something as losing weight or gaining muscle has been discussed and asked over and over thus we have an FAQ. Now go read it.