Does this make sense? Periodization question


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May 11, 2006
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Ok, I was reading II today, and was looking at the periodization chapter. Now, I noticed that for maximal strength, it is recommended to do sets of 5 reps, and for hypertrophy it is 8-12. What if, in the same workout one did something like this:

Deadlift 5x5 or something similar
Pullup(weighted) 5x8

What I'm asking is should each workout be dedicated to something specific? i.e. maximal strength, hypertrophy, explosive strength, etc. Or can a workout be a mix of maximal strength (things like squats, deads, bench), and hypertrophy (pullups, dips, pushups, etc.) Which way could one expect the best gains? Also, is there a name for this type of periodization?

Thanks for any help.
No, it is fine to do a mix. I've seen many routines that start with a max effort, and then later do higher rep work (often unilateral).
Yes, you can certainly do it. Most people will focus on a few main lifts and then some higher rep assistance stuff at the end for lagging parts. Just because a particular training cycle is set up to unilaterally load strength, speed, or hypertrophy, doesn't mean that other areas are not trained to at least maintain other characteristics. If you training multiple characteristics at the same time equally, that type of periodization is called concurrent.