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    Hey guys, I have recently ordered the Title Gel World Training Headgear (Regular Sized). I was wondering if it fits me correctly. It seems pretty tight around my head, which is good. But, Ive noticed that I cant open my mouth too much with it on with out it forcing the headgear upwards into a funky position. Additionally, I am not very tall (only 5' 9"), so I when I have my chin tucked with it on, I cant look upwards to see a taller opponents face because of the top of the headgear. SHould I return it and get the large headgear?

    My hat size is 7 1/4. Title's headgear sizes are as follows:

    Hat size 6 something - 7 1/8 Regular
    Hat size 7 1/4 - 7 1/2 Large

    I fit in the Large Category, but Im not so sure if that is a good way of measuring headgear size because Hat size only measures the circumference
    of your head not head length etc.

    Also, I dont want to be the smallest head size in the Large category, as I feel the headgear will not be snug and will be shifting all over the place.

    ANy suggestions? Also, Any good headgears you guys know about? Hows the one I bought?

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