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Does freestyle wrestling cover no-gi judo?

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by TheSteak, May 29, 2014.

  1. TheSteak

    TheSteak White Belt

    May 28, 2014
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    Are all those trips which rousey, lombard and karo do allowed in freestyle? And is there a name for general standup grappling which allowes all styles and all throws? Is there a sport beside MMA
  2. grimballer

    grimballer Gold Belt

    Jul 9, 2008
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    My understanding is everything is allowed expect Muay Thai type clinch. Basically you are not supposed to join hands above opponents shoulders.

    Most elite wrestlers would avoid those attacks n take you down or flip you over ala Cormier vs hendo
  3. antonyneal

    antonyneal White Belt

    Jan 10, 2013
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    I do not compete in wrestling but I do compete in Judo. My understanding is that the vast majority of Judo throw's are allowed in wrestling. There are some exceptions I think as you are allowed to throw people on there head and neck in Judo(but it does not score well) but this is not allowed in wrestling.

    Despite the throws being legal wrestlers tend to not focus on those technique's. In judo due to restrictions on leg attacks it is very common for competitors to stand fairly close to straight upright. Much like in greco-roman wrestling. But in Judo there are no restrictions on touching your opponents legs with your own legs unlike greco.

    The distance Freestyle wrestlers are able to create between your feet and your opponents feet as well as your hips and your opponents hips by bending over a lot makes a lot of Judo throw's and trips very hard. But in Judo people do not bend very often because despite it being good defensively Judoka do not have the option of grabbing a leg like in freestyle so it limits your offence a lot.

    The thing about MMA is that fighters tend to stand very upright like they do in Judo. Because bending and lowering your center of gravity to much makes you vulnerable to strike's. Like in Rousey vs Mcmann.

    In short yes wrestlers can use Judo but it is not favorable to the rule set.
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  4. fight4ippon

    fight4ippon Brown Belt

    Jul 29, 2012
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    Smashing your half guard
    I'm no authority on wrestling. I believe greco-Roman style is more like No gi judo bc attacking below the waist is not allowed. I am sure those trips are in freestyle, but my guess is that they are not utilized as much compared to shooting for the opponents legs.

    ^^ this is my best guess based on info I can piece together may be wrong or at least slightly off.
  5. Diet Otsuka

    Diet Otsuka Red Belt

    Aug 26, 2009
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    not really
  6. Task

    Task <img src="http://www.mediafire.com/download/r9he12 Platinum Member

    Aug 23, 2009
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    no gi judo?

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