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Does everybody in the forum have a 12 inch shlong?


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Dec 19, 2001
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I have been reading a lot of threads and I encounter dudes bragging about their 12 inch dicks. There are a lot of them. I feel deprived since I am just average. All the 12 inchers post here and see if i can hook them up to do some porn. New stereotype is that MMAers have the biggest dick in al the sports.

They say TV adds 20 lbs. Apparently, computers add 8 inches.

The answer to your topic question: No.

But I wouldn't mind it.
Dude. I might have an average sized penis. But there's over 300 pounds of force behind it.
i dont mate

i only got an average todger but ive never had any complaints
i have good prowess...but i am just above average i think...though i dont compare hogs with my fucking buddies...its a guess at the most.:D
Meat says he can get 12 inches out of it if he pulls on it reeeaal hard. I'm fuckin impressed. I remember I tried that shit when I was younger and it was only like... well... umm... it wasn't 12 fuckin inches, that's for sure. Fuck Meat.
actually mine's like 11 and 1/2. see my avatar. that's really me. i have to dress like this just to keep the chicks away.
In that case, I have 22 feet of cack. I have cack to spare. I roll that shit up like fruit-by-the-foot everyday, just to get out of bed without trippin the family in the downstairs apartment as they do the same. Bring the pain.
Just the norm im affraid!!,

but i hear that punkmother has a 12 inch replica penis that he keeps under his bed!! :D
LOL at how everyone is saying their schlong is average. No one is game to admit an above average, and more importantly a BELOW average length!!

...... oh yeah, I'm about average. :D
The day I throw a cock-estimate out on this board is the day I smoke crack. I'll leave it to the women who have stood in the eye of Hurricane HoCock to sit there and tell their friends, and you, if they wanna.
There is hope:

one a farm, one time, a horse and a goat were friends and although the goat never said anything he always felt upset he wasn't as well endowed as the Horse. one day the horse went walking on the farm and saw some just hatched chickens that had fallen in a ditch. The horse decided he could use his schlong for them to jump onto and get them out. but horses can't bend down so it didn't work. just when all hope was lost the goat came around. Goats can sit down and so he did and the chicks were saved!

the morale of the story:u don't have to be hung like a horse to pick up chicks.
lol, great story.

Gives hope to all goats out there.
My hog is by no means 12 inches, by no means. But I am adding modifications whenever I can. I've added a new air intake, a lighter flywheel, and exhaust. Next, I'm going to get a custom spoiler for my dick, to reduce drag (better thrusting).
Yeah, I can get 12 inches outta mine...but I gotta fold it in half!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA:D :D