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Does Cain have the fastest title loss in MMA history?


Feb 4, 2008
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1 minute 4 seconds. Will there be a new record this time?
And to answer your question, JBJ will have the fastest title loss in history against Chael. Then Chael will beat his own record when he fights JDS for the title. And then he will break that record yet again when he drops to 155 to take Bendo's belt.
Andrei Arlovski beat Buentello in like 15-20 seconds.
I just hope we get the overeem/jds fight down the line, that's what I'm most interested in...
[QUOTE="Rush";77413741]Andrei Arlovski beat Buentello in like 15-20 seconds.[/QUOTE]

Was that a title fight?
Maybe. I know Rampage beat Chuck at just under two minutes for the LHW title. I think Miguel Torres beat Chase Beebe in about a minute also back int he WEC days. Not sure really.

Arlovski beat Buentello in 15 seconds and tim sylvia in 47 seconds for UFC heavyweight belts
Tim Sylvia lost to Arlovski in 47 seconds (for the interim UFC title) and to Fedor in 36 seconds (for the WAMMA title). Thread says "MMA history", so this should apply.
I can both ask a question and make a statement at the same time.