Does being scared or nervous use more cardio?



Does being scared or nervous use more cardio? I heard people saying that if you are nervous or scared, you can gas 3 times faster in a fight. Is it true?
Both are just elevated breathing and heart rate so yes, you would not be as rested going into the fight. Try to do something that boost your confidence before hand.
You will gas quicker if you are nervous for alot of reasons-heart rate will be higher, you will be tight and not relaxed. You will think to much ect ect.
excellent question.... You may hear people from time to time saying a guys cardio isn't that good. That's not necessarily the case all the time. A guy might be in great condition but if he doesn't have nerves of steel (ie, Fedor), the guy will have a elevated HR right from the beginning. This brings him that much closer to his "maximum HR" which is your total limit. Also, and probably more importatly, When you are nervous and psyched up, you tend to hold your breath. Your breathing is very shallow and intermittent. You don't take full deep breathes. Then all of a sudden your lungs go into oxygen debt and you shut down.....Lots of times when you see fighters "gas" this is what's happening.
yomon said:
Both are just elevated breathing and heart rate so yes, you would not be as rested going into the fight. Try to do something that boost your confidence before hand.

What would you do before hand to boost your confidence?
being nervous will also make you fight irrationally at first, and usually you will throw yourself out if you do that...

plus, you won't be as fast, you won't be able to "see" your opponent, and you won't be able to think about what is going on...

being too pumped up is a bad thing in my opinion...

if you can't control it, you will lose...
unfortunately, for the most part i feel the pre fight jitters and "nerves" that most people get are largely dictated by genetics....

Actually this is a fact....You see certain people that can perform well in practice situations, but when they get under the lights, with the cameras flashing, and everybody yelling, and you have no idea who your opponent is until you actually get on the mat.....Well, some people just wilt under the pressure.

On the other hand some people just seem to take to this environment. They are confident and are looking forward to the challenge. These people excel at being a champion under competitive circumstances and under the bright lights.

In this sense, your "nerves" are largely related to genetics.
When you're nervous, your probably way more tensed and not as relaxed as you should be... That should lead to more oxygen being used -> gassing quicker
There's stuff you can take for nerves. There's a product that some stage artists use for stage fright that apparently stops nerves in there tracks. I dabbled with Vit B6/ Choline/ Inolsitol and that worked big time. We all have our own way of controlling nerves, not fighting is one of them LOL
So if I take caffeine before training it will make me gas faster because it elevates my heart rate ? I can always push myself further when I take caffeine tablets before a run :S
I love it when people attached numbers to incalculable concepts, such as, you can gas up to three times as quickly in a fight if certain conditions are met.

How does an external force measure that exactly and how could the only subject that knows when he is gassed possibly know at what point he gassed? Even then, how could you compare that with how quickly you would have gassed were you not nervous?

Just a descrepancy I noticed. Thought you might all enjoy.
Being scared will raise your heart beat for sure, I am not sure but I think that quite a few endorphins get released also to prepare you for what ever you are going to need to do.
try doing something extreme aside from fighting to help get your control of adrenaline and fear. Rock Climbing for example. Surfing, skating, mountain biking, anything that is a challenge and makes you a little nervous about. I have a crazy fear of heights, so I rock climb to have better control of my fears, emotions and surges of energy.
Absolutely. Just from personal experience I can tell you that nerves will weaekn you and make you gas quicker.
The other day I had to kill a skunk that was trapped in a cage. For this I had to throw the cage in a lake. Altough that was not phisycally demanding, I breathed hard and felt like I was running or something. I felt a lot of adrenaline, because I was afraid of being pissed on.