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Does anyone use Forty Thieves grappling shorts?

The old version with no drawstring is my absolute favorite, I haven't tried the new version with drawstring. There's plenty of threads on it do a search.
I have a pair of forty thieves ...with no drawstring.

I couldn't wear it before because it didn't fit...but now..since i've gained a bit of weight....fits perfectly...a lil loose but still has a comfortable fit.

I like the material of the shorts as well....very soft... haha
i have a pair of camo and a pair of dark grey, the came shredded up pretty quickly and i had to throw them in the garbage...the dark grey are holding up good and i still wear em to this day. i dont know why the camo decided to shred but they did.
Jeff Roy..you should contact them at [email protected] and tell them what happened with the camo shorts. I think you will be happen that you did.
I have 2 pairs. Both have drawstrings and stretch panels. The last pair has an embroided patch on the back and the logo. They are great shorts. I dont think I would buy any other kind.
I have two pairs of the first production and one pair of second production.

BEST shorts I have ever had bar non.
I love my Forty Thieves shorts. I have the second generation with the drawstring. The logo on the leg is embroidered...so the thread kind of shrinks...but that's the only problem with the shorts and that's cosmetic.
I have no shrinking problems ;) with the shorts.

I actually prefer the sizing of the first, as it was slightly shorter 1/2", but the materials of the second is bar non. The second runs slightly bigger in waist and length.

So lets hope for the third generation they make them slightly smaller.

I guess the size is a very personal thing.

In jeans I wear 31-32" waist, and I got the 30" waist size of the shorts.