Does anyone know where to find UFC and Pride events on Blu Ray?


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Mar 27, 2012
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i love Blu Ray so much more than dvd, would be appreciated :)
Go to and search. If no results come up for blu-ray they haven't been released on the format.
finding out which Pride events were in blu ray is tricky. They aired in Japan in HD longer than America. I can't even remember if they had any HD in America for Pride pre the Vegas show. UFC wasn't in HD until UFC 67.

I've NEVER seen a blu ray/hd download of a full pride event before.
I've never seen a UFC event or Pride DVD on blu ray.

I've seen Best of 2012 and stuff like that, but not an actual event.
There's this new search engine called Google. Friggin thing is amazing.

Sorry, just had to. ;-)
There's a lot of Blue Ray version that are just pricier version of the regular DVD .
Be careful .

Apparently UFC 144, I think, is on BluRay in Japan. Its says region free. $200.74 USD!

I thought PRIDE was never filmed in HD, and when I watch Japanese TV airings of DREAM or K-1, I think there's a watermark in the corner that says "analog" in Japanese, so I don't even know if MMA airs in Japanese TV in HD. The pre Pride FC Worldwide LLC Pride DVD's were 4x3.
thanks guys, besides the smartass trolls you have to get in very thread
Check eBay, they have a lot of good UFC blu rays for way cheaper than you'd pay in the store. I buy a ton of movies on eBay for way cheap
I don't think events are available on Blu-Ray, I've checked before. The Ultimate Fight Collections are DVD only too, it sucks.
When FUEL's YouTube would temporarily post some bouts in entirety, the res was as high as 720p, and they even had widescreen for the old GSP vs Frank Trigg where I think the DVD was 4x3.