Does anyone here use Xyience?



I weigh 145 lbs and im looking to get bigger and stronger. I just started working out...and i was wondering if anyone here used xyience? If so which would you perfer? XNGF Xtreme Natural Growth Factor or XTEST Xtreme Testosterone? Thanks alot guys. Oh btw i plan on taking ju jitsu and muay thai later....thats my mma discussion :)
I've been wondering this for a while, I just usually don't start threads for fear of being flamed. What exactly are the supposed benefits of taking this supplement?
From what I've heard Xyience isn't the greatest.

If you guys want tonnes of info go to the Diet/Supplement forum and ask questions there, you'll get quick/great answers....look for King Kabuki, guy knows everything.
havent tried it, i know they sell it at gnc.. and if its at gnc i wont buy it because its usually over priced and can find it cheaper some where else.
wamrage said:
From what I've heard Xyience isn't the greatest.

Funny but i only hear that on this site. The guys at GNC near me were raving about that stuff.
But for $68 bucks ???? I dont know about that.
TUF 2 tells me (shamelessly) that xyience is the best.

but personally...i prefer rightguard Xtreme
supplements that have growth or testerone don't work.... they try to mimick the effects of steroids and almost cost as much as steroids....
if i were you i would go to gnc and buy nitro-tech and eating a lot while always lifting, i have gained about 10 pounds of solid muscle from nitro-tech.
i dont trust anything with too many X's.

unless you get three in a row, then it's the magic number.
You motherfucker. This shit is going to be polluting our Diet subforum as soon as a Mod sees this.
NewWorldFighter said:
if i were you i would go to gnc and buy nitro-tech and eating a lot while always lifting, i have gained about 10 pounds of solid muscle from nitro-tech.

Nitro-Tech is made by Muscletech, maybe the most overpriced brand on the market. And their stuff is horseshit, too (not Nitrotech, it's good, but it literally costs 2x as much as the other formulas like it).
if u really want xyience NOX-CG3 u can buy it cheap at for 400 grams for $39.99...but theres other stuff out there thats really good too.. theres similar products out there that are like this product..i recommend C42 (C4 Squared) but 4verfit. good pumps... but if ur 145lbs, eat a shit load of eat eat.. if u wanna put on mass..lots of protein . try to eat 145 grams of protein a day..its hard, but it will work
Before trying a supp though I would recommend eating more as was already mentioned.
Dont use a dumb supplement just because its being hyped on TV. I dont have first hand experience with xience but it has a good marketing scheme.

Stay away from Muscle tech products. They are way overpriced for mediocre results.

I can get the same results from $20 creatine and dextrose as I would with nitro tech or whatever they call their creatine. They advertise heavily so the prices are high to cover the advertising costs.

Its a ripoff. Never buy crap from GNC. There are better cheaper stores out there, or just get it online.
hell no i dont use xzyscience...especially after last weeks TUF
It looks like having someone say xyience every 5 mins during a ufc paid off. do 5 min of research at any health site. forget gnc, way too expensive compared to anywhere else. Even if you are not a bodybuilder look on they have everything for cheap, and TONS of info on everything. great site.
But i have heard that NO2 works on some people, not neccessarily xyience. and that if it works the results are great,, however, when you stop taking you fall into a workout rut. and your pumps don't last neasrly as long.
I use mainly AST products, Xyiencelike alot of shit that is carried at General Nutrition stores is a marketing gimmick. I love the AST products , most of the serious bodybuilders I know all use it. I use VP2 protein, the best I have tried to date and has a great taste too. I also use their Glutamine, which works great. I use Xplode creatine and have had great results. My bench went from a measly 275 to 400 pounds. I gained alot of size and strength in a short period of time. My friends actually thought I was doing roids. I also use a Zinc supplement that helps recover, speeds anabolic growth while you sleep and puts you to sleep like a baby.