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Does anyone else get annoyed


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May 15, 2007
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When rolling with people who are just pure strength/aggression? I was rolling with this guy the other day who was a white belt. He's smaller than me and definitely weaker, but he was just trying to be more aggressive than me. What annoyed me is just the fact that the guy isn't going to learn a thing. This guy was wheezing and getting subbed, but I wasn't even breathing hard. I'm just a white belt myself, but I just get annoyed by people who aren't interested in learning, don't ask questions, etc.
They grow out of that soon enough.

Maybe a friendly talk might steer them straight as well...
Why do you care? If he's not putting you in danger then it's just an opportunity for you to train. If you're catching him too easily just start restricting yourself so you can work on other portions of your game.
depends how thick he is! if he is really stupid he will be keep going for a long time till he realises that he isnt doing shit like that! if not really thick couple of lessons with several submissions and a friendly chat would to do the job!
Idk, just the lack of interest in learning bothers me. I guess he'll eventually care.
We have one of those at my gym too. He's smaller, weaker and less technical and yet he tries to overpower me when sparring and attempt half assed power subs.
I usually give him a good position and let him work from there. Then he gets tired after a few minutes while trying to keep position and trying to sub me.
After that I reverse him (and this is the part that actually annoys me). After I get him in sidemount or get his back he actually taps and says: Well done!
You get annoyed when a weak dude is too aggressive, lacking technique?

I thought you were going to talk about some 300 lb powerlifter who almost put you in the hospital with a can-opener.
There is one at every club. I usually just let them gas out, which is usually a minute into the match.
There was this guy at judo the other night who was a whitebelt, and he just went berserk. I was in halfguard and trying to play some halfguard from there, but he just pinned my arms to the ground, no attempt to pass or submit, just sat there pinning my arms to the ground. It's judo so he's getting nowhere with this position, and even in bjj they'll stand it back up. After a while he just started crossfacing me like crazy. I got a bit immature and crossfaced the shit out of him back, but damn it's annoying, because we're both getting no experience from that position. It was just a waste of a round.
As long as the guy is not trying to hurt me i don't mind too much. It is good to be used to guys who roll agressive.
Yeah. They suck and they're not always that fun to roll with. But, rolling with them should be very instrumental in the evolution of your jiu-jitsu. Learning to deal with their movements in a relaxed manner is going to raise your level.

What good is jiu-jitsu if you can't deal with a meathead (of any size) with rudimentary grappling skills? Just ride it out, it'll get easier.
That doesn't bother me nearly as much as rolling with some guy that outweighs me by 30 lbs and is doing that shit. They have no technique, their subs are terrible, they could have full mount but unable to do much with it because they don't train properly and spend more time in MMA class then BJJ or MT.
Rolling with spazzes isn't fun, but it's an unfortunate reality in BJJ. Just stay calm, control them, and let them tire themselves out. You'll find a nice gift-wrapped sub waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.
just keep reminding him, to relax. I do think that they really DO want to learn but many times, being the beginner, the ego gets in the way. By reminding him to calm down and relax gets him in the right frame of mind.
What's funny is that guys like that don't usually breathe while they are rolling and they get all red and tired quick.
I am sort of like that when I train, but I focus on speed, not really aggression. I am typically smaller than who I train with so I need to be explosive and speedy, which can be perceived as aggressive, to have a chance.
It's a little annoying but it will improve your game for sure. It also makes them look like a fool when they go 100% and fail to score/submit anything.
doesn't really bother me, over aggressive guys are easy to set up for subs
doesn't really bother me, over aggressive guys are easy to set up for subs
Yup. I honestly don't mind spazzes because they usually fall into subs over and over, and never really give me any trouble. Now "leg lock heroes" are what I really hate. These noobs who go for kneebars and heelhooks without ever drilling them and not knowing how much pressure to apply can be really dangerous. If I feel someone is close to locking up a leg lock on me, I'll tap right away. I don't need more damage.