Does anybody know what really went down with Ryan Gracie?


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Dec 3, 2003
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The newspapers here say that he beat up 4 cops, sending one to the hospital, rumors say that he is the one that was beaten down and ended up in the hospital after being put in a room in the78th, what is the real story?
WTF?!?! When did this happen!

Was this in Rio? Better not be fucking with the cops there....
It was in SP, in Estados Unidos street, the newspaper says it was due to driving in front of the police station drunk, I heard that it happened inside Galeria dos P
Ryan? But he's such a nice guy. Good manners too.
blindgod said:
I guess BJJ does work against multiple opponents.

I wonder how many cops Sak could take at once.
Ryan Gracie after attacks policemen to be withheld

The fighter and professor of jiu-jitsu Ryan Gracie attacked four agents of the Group of Opera
Dominic Kihlstrand said:
im not sure, but i think its actually finger.

That might fit. I heard he gave the cops the finger when they tried to detain him.
You guys are reading it wrong, he didnt say he gave the cops the finger, it said "and started to finger the policeman" i dont think he has a anger problem, i think he has a differnt kid of problem. I think i have that problem too.
Ryan has been in and out of jail many times. He has also been stabbed and shot at numerous times. Fortunately for him, he's still alive and well. I wonder how much longer can this crazyness go. He's somewhat of a local celebrity in prisons across the state of Sao Paulo I guess.
I'm amazed he can get a visa. He's always fighting or stabbing someone. Attacking cops though...LOL. What a smart guy!