Do you wear a cup?


Feb 21, 2008
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I quit wearing cups after a 7th grade football game when I took a helmet shot at full speed. The wedge part split my balls and the sides of the cup smashed the boys up into my thighs. not only was that the worst pain i've ever felt, but i had a bruise in the outline of the shape of the cup all the way around my crotch for the next week.

i've been hit in the balls in Judo many, many times since then. Uchi Matas, Tomoes that slip, people trying to pass guard, all sorts of good stuff. It's still never hurt as bad as that moment in time.

Now, my sport doesn't allow anything hard - plastic or ****l - to be worn while we play, so it's not a concern anyway. Over in the armbar forum, there are some dudes arguing that a good grappler would almost always wear one.

I think that relying on a cup to finish an armbar discourages good technique, and is completely unnecessary. None of the guys I know that do Judo or BJJ or Wrestling wear cups. Ever.

Always, even when practicing Judo. I specifically asked at the last Judo tournament I participated in and they also allowed it.
I always wear one, I've been hit in the balls too many times. I didn't wear one for the first year til I got a shin slammed directly on my shit. Now I won't roll without one.
after i got double heeled in the nuts when someone was sinking the hooks in...I keep that cup on every time I roll
my nuts are made of steel and it hurts the person who hits them instead of it hurting me!!!!!
never, some comps dont allow them, i think they are prohibited in the pan ams
Seriously, i would never try passing a guard without my cup on. Sudden jerk to obtain halfgaurd will demolish the old nads
I mix my workouts up between stand-up and ground a lot and it would be annoying to take it out and put it back in. Besides getting kicked in the balls has little or no comparison. So yes, I wear one all the time just cause. Their my baby makers, can't let nothin' happen to 'em regardless of good or bad technique
since i crushed a ball going for an armbar from the bottom i alwars wear one when rolling in class!

I can still feel the burn to this day!:icon_cry2:icon_chee:icon_cry2
i used to, but i don't now. honesly i got hurt more with a cup than without.
I don't wear one. I've just been really lucky so far.
I kicked my best training partner in the back of the balls today going for a kneebar... He had a cup on.