do any of u feel comfortable standing w/ a standup guy if u can't get him down


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May 29, 2005
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The reason i ask this is because many people say they would never trade..or try to outbox a striker; esp if he was better..bigger..faster and hits harder than them; most people here said they would tie them up or shoot for a takedown..etc.

My question is what would u do if u could not get ur opp to the ground, do u feel ur standup is competent enough to open up the opp up enough to work him to the ground or even survive in a standup exchanve long enough to get away.

I ASK THIS cus i saw ufn and saw how leben was brought down and subbed his opponent, the striker finished the grapler because he had no choice; he would not have been unable to safely regain his feet w/out opening himself up to a he defended, saw an opening and ended the fight.

So the same applies here if u could not get an opp down would u be able to eff strike w/them to land a finishing blow or strike well enough where u could open them up for the takedown or sub later on.

examples of people who have done this Gan Mcgee stopping rizzo...chonan subbing silva..
Wow next time you post asking for advice attempt coherency.
Yes, if I couldnt take my opponet to the ground & he was a better striker than me I still would trade shots with him and be effective. I have faith in my striking abilities but I would take the takedown if I saw an opening.
i am a standup guy..... this is the standup forum.... we should all want to trade
I would be game to stand and bang as I have really good boxing but my knees and kicks arnt very good so I would have 2 stay close-ish.
If he really was a superior striker (nog v. crocop) then I wouldn't wanna trade with him. Of course if I saw an opening to do some damage, I'd take it. But I'd take the first chance I got for the takedown.
I would take the fight to were I thought I was better. Seems pretty logical.
Well done, dopey. Ask strikers in the striking forum whether they'd be comfortable with standup if they couldnt take a guy down. Well....uuuuh > Yes - very comfortable, thanks?
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I think it's a cardinal rule of fighting that you take the fight in the direction it bests suits you. If you're a striker, keep the fight standing and do everything you can to avoid going to the ground. If you're a grappler, get the fight to the ground fast where you can do your work.

If you're outmatched striking, then it's a no-brainer: get to the ground. Soak up a couple shots if you need to to close and take the guy down. Risky, yes...but if you're thinking you're gonna lose anyway, what have you got to lose?