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Difference between long shorts and board shorts?


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Nov 18, 2003
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I was looking through tha TapouT online store and notice that while all other firms have fight shorts and board shorts, tapout has fight shorts, long shorts AND board shorts.

So, does anyone know the difference between long shorts and board shorts? Also, which is better to use for nogi bjj?

whats up man, well anyway the diff between the tapout boradhsorts, and long shorts is just the material, basically the boardshots are mad of a really grat stretchy material all throughout, and even have a lil pocket at the bottom for a mouthpiece, or whatever u need, i have a white pair and have rolled in them nay times, and there great for no gi training, ..i also have many pairs of tapouts longshorts..they are also good for grappling, but the material doesnt have any give to it, there fore there is a possibility u might rip them as i have heard from other members on this forum, i personally have never ripped a pair and i train hard all the time, they ride high up on the crothch, so i dont really see how they can rip..all in all if your really worried abt getting a pair that will last go with the boardshorts, and u can wear them arnd to the beach stores, whatever and not stick out like a sore thumb...

hope this helps
Well the board short is a board short, made of heavier material than the long short (I'm really not trying to sound sarscastic so please don't hear me like that). This is pretty much the description of the shorts that I got from Tapout. I would go with the long short for NoGi.
I have the long shorts and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I have never worn the board shorts before, but I have heard that they are not as good for training.
get sprawls

just my 2 cents of course, but I frickin love my sprawls
Thanks for the help all.

I need a good nogi short so I think I 'll go with long shorts.
hydeandhyde said:
Thanks for the help all.

I need a good nogi short so I think I 'll go with long shorts.

good luck trying to get them, Tapout never has stock when I have $$$ to buy.
I've got 3 TapouT long shorts, never had problems with 'em, wear 'em at the gym, home, ... they fit really well and you got a lot of leg space to move ...
I've got a Nogi as well (also great shorts), but somehow I almost always pick one of the TapouT shorts to wear ... maybe it are the colors are something ;-)

@ Adino: never had any trouble getting 'em ... I did order them through budovideos.com (always asked if they got the short and right size in stock first though)

Enjoy your TapouT shorts hydeandhyde!
Talk to Ron at SSF as well and see what tapouts he has in stock.
I have a few American and a few Urban and caml shorts in stock but I'm running super low on Tapouts.

I recommend Underhook grappling shorts. They are UNREAL. There is so much room to move around it is like wearing you normal athletic shorts, but the Underhooks don't ride up and show your untanned thighs.
Yeah, they're good unless you're a size small. In which case, you find the waste has to be bunched up to a ridiculous degree. Other than that, they are absolutely some of the best shorts I've seen or worn. Having more than just one or two stretch pannels makes quite a difference.