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diff between doing wht works 4 u and being unskilled or sloppy


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May 29, 2005
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I make this post because so many of us comment on someone's poor tech or sloppy standup; an many times it is just, but sometimes a person is purposely using a style to accentuate his own physical and tech skills.

An example would be chuck liddel; now his strikes are loopy and he does keep his hands low a bit, and so on. But given a his chin b his punching power and c his tech style, it is not a matter of a lack of skill; just a different approach. Chuck is a counter puncher, w/the chin he has he can let someone walk in and land; first of all he can take it, second of all it is easier to counter when someone lands, when they do u know exactly where they are unlike if they miss. If u can take their shot they are basically there to be countered, unless they are just that fast or tech better (i.e. roy jones..zab judah...mayweather). Another plus of his style is that those looping shots come from odd angles which make it harder to def, slip or roll w/; not to mention the dist problem. With someone who throws like that it is hard to find the range cus he can shorten the hook if u come in and extend it as u step out.

I know i prob do alot of things that are not tech correct; but they work for me due to me having pretty good timing..overall mobility...reach...and a decent sense of tech striking knowledge.

i just notice when people are unorthodox most observers will say he is getting by on talent or fighitng lesser guys; example is naseem hamed, after he fought barrera people said he was exposed. I don't think that was the case he fought some very good boxers (medina.. johnson... kelly..mcullough to name a few); it's just tht barrera had the skills (tech/phys) to shut him down and pound out a dec. I don't think it makes naseem's style less eff, just meant that he could be beat if he fought an opp w/the right combo of skills and that could happen to a tech or unorthodox guy. The same thing happens when roy lost, people say he can't box..but how many guys w/good to great boxing skills did tarver ko or beat in an easier manner.

in the case of mma u have sak who's diff striking style allowed him success against some competent standup people...

wht do u guys think is there a diff...how do u determine it
I think one of the most prominent problems in MMA currently is lack of striking structure. Very few people tie together combinations, especially using hands AND feet simoltaneously, flow into and out of clinches, punch up AND down switching from body to head, and do so with proper aggression and speed. Ironic because they all seem to train hard at it. You see a guy hitting the pads and he's demolishing them, same with the heavy-bag. You put them in the cage or in the ring and they freeze up. There's a little TOO much respect for opponents with MMA trying to make a name as a viable sport, and there's also a little too much fear of the takedown or ground-game. Plus as I mentioned the World's best strikers who would have no real inhibitions about throwing strikes without stopping still don't even compete in MMA events, the risk versus finance factor is too much agains them.

Hesitation is the destroyer of most MMA strikers. When you learn combinations you're supposed to fucking THROW them, not stand there and posture and EXPECT to be taken-down. It's tough to take a guy down when he's throwing bombs right at your teeth and if you try to shoot he can sprawl or avert you. But this thing will take time to compensate for, the day of the Strikers is coming. Wrestlers and BJJ guys have their days, and now you're starting to see more guys who rely mostly on their ground game in the lower levels of the sport getting knocked out.
i think the problem is most mma fighters spend too much time trying to sstructure their standup, do drills and don't spend enough time sparring; you have a lot of tech aware fighters. But guys who's technical knowledge does not spill over into a dynamic situation because they don't spend enough time sparring w/high level strikers or they just don't spend enough time working SPECIFICALLY on their standup.

Guys like rashad...chuck..mike van arsedale sakuraba and carter may not look pretty in their fights; nonetheless they are eff. cus they have made it a point to spar and dev. whatever tech they use under duress. shadowboxing..hitting the bag...focus ball...or pads won't do that; because they don't simulate real fight situations, an most guys don't have the discipline to go through def maneuvers or change dist or angles when punches arent coming back at them.

tech guys like gomi..edward...pulver...cro cop..bonnar...mezger.. they all spar and actively compete in standup areas; thereby allowing them to carry their tech over into a dynamisc situtation. It's easy to through crisp shots when u are not having incoming fire or u are not getting hit or mauled or clenched; that is why u spar so u can see what WORKS and what does not or more importantly u can see how to best integrate certain tech into ur approach.

Finally most mma guys only work on one aspect of their game, i.e. off; they don't work on controlling dist..backing up...tying up..headmovement...blocking...parrying..so when they can't get their off. going they are sitting ducks. Or when they get hurt all they can do is throw weak strikes or get knocked out cus they don't work on def manuevers and if u can't do them when ur sharp..u surely can't do it when ur hurt.

mma guys don't respect standup enough, that is why sooo many of them are one dimensional...or sloppy...almost everyone can def shoots, throws, armbars, escape mounts, leg locks or chokes. They can sweep bridge etc; but none of these guys can eff jab... slip a jab..check a leg kick...counter a strike...or use the dist to work from the outside, they just don't develop their tech game, strategic game; nor do they spar enough. But when it comes to grappling everyone..even standup guys are competent on the ground..

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