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Did anyone else predict Cain steamrolling JDS?

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I didn't just think Cain was going to win, I thought it was going to be utter destruction akin to Fedor vs TK2.

I thought JDS would win and i will admit that.

I like all these threads where people are coming out and saying i knew Cain was going to whoop JDS, when before they fought pretty much everyone was picking JDS.
No. I thought he would get KOd, but I'm glad that JDS was destroyed.
i bet on cain

i thought the fight would be more even early and JDS would fade though
God damn that gif is brutal.

I thought Cain could very well win by TKO via GnP or decision, but I was not expecting that ass whooping. I had JDS via KO round2
I thought Cain would win.....& I did predict a one-sided ass whooping right here on Sherdog....I don't how to find it easily or I would...don't even remember what thread it was but it was within the last week....& let me get my prediction in for #3.....Cain will do it again....he now has Junior's soul!!
That gif looks like Mike Tyson's punch out where you the fighter would degrade after every round.
some people did, i remember that. wasn't me. i thought cain had a good chance to win, but i wasn't expecting that sort of annihilation.
I didn't think Cain would win, but really this fight was over after Round 1. Almost no one comes back from a near TKO. In other words, as with just about every heavyweight fight, a couple punches early in the fight determined the outcome.
Well I knew it would be a steamrolling one way or another. I expected a finish, though.
I expected Cain to break JDS, I didn't think he would drop him like that in the 1st round. I was screaming like a little girl when it happened.
I didn't know who was going to win, but I didn't give Cain enough credit going in.

Certainly didn't predict this.
Whate you talking about?! that was a robbery of a decision. JDS hung in there and should've won that fight. Yeah cain landed some good shots but JDS stayed active the whole time.
I thought a win by Cain was just not possible. JDS has great TDD and is a monster striking. Who would know Cain would beat JDS up standing?
Bye bye to my vCash lol.
Your definition of 'steamrolling' and 'destruction' is completely different than mine.