Did a football player put a Kimura on a fan?


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Oct 28, 2004
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Me and my girl were watching ESPN News and they showed a clip of this past weekend's Cleveland Browns versus Pittsburg Steelers.

Then they showed a drunk fan run onto the field and "scare" a running back for the Steelers, a Cleveland Brown pushes him and the fan runs to the Pittsburg side of the field.

A Steeler player picks up the guy, slams him on the ground, butt down, puts a knee on the belly on the guy (more chest than belly but ...) and then kimuras the guy until the cops come.

Did anybody see this?

Does anyone know if that football player trains with someone?

I thought it was awesome.
i must have missed that, that rules. although i find it hard to believe that the Steelers would allow one of their players to train jj during the season.
I saw that clip. I didn't see the kimura too well, so I wasn't sure if it was one, but it certainly looked like it.
hell yes, i trained with an ex steeler one time, maybe he showed some of the guys a few things.
bjj + football= extreme football
guardpasser said:
hell yes, i trained with an ex steeler one time, maybe he showed some of the guys a few things.
bjj + football= extreme football

Hahaha, how about extreme jj? Damn that would be scary.

I remember in sometime in the early 2000s, some San Francisco 49er wide receiver brought a kung fu guy out on the field during warm ups. The kung fu guy was teaching the wide receiver ways to block the defensive back's hands to get down the field and on his route faster.

I want to say Terrell Owens was the guy but not really sure .....
Commissar said:
I saw that clip. I didn't see the kimura too well, so I wasn't sure if it was one, but it certainly looked like it.

I'm not 100% sure but it looks like what I do after I go north south and turn the guy to the side. I think in that postion, the football player was knee on the chest more than knee on the belly but the hands were absolutely locked correctly for a kimura. Notice that the "fan" was not going anywhere after that lock was applied and then the cops came.
At least the fan who got slammed put up a fight
Kevin Kleps [email protected] 12/25/2005

One Browns fan had finally had enough.
Enough to drink (more than enough, it seemed).
Enough losing.
Enough seeing his team get beat up by the Steelers.
So he decided to do something about it with 9 minutes, 9 seconds left in Saturday's 41-0 debacle of a loss to Pittsburgh at Cleveland Browns Stadium.
Out the drunken fan ran onto the field. And he, too, got beat up by the Steelers.
OK, it was just one Steeler. A suplex by linebacker James Harrison did the trick.
After tossing the fan onto the ground, Harrison made sure the drunken fool stayed there until the police took him off the field in handcuffs.
As he was leaving, the fan was yelling and trying to wave his restrained arms. It was by far the most inspired effort of anyone wearing orange all day.
"It's disappointing and surprising," Browns guard Cosey Coleman said after his team was outgained, 457-178, and allowed eight sacks. "For it to be a home game in front of our friends, it's embarrassing."
The drunken fool is probably no friend of Coleman's, but he was one of the few people on the Browns' side Saturday.
The Steelers spent their Christmas Eve in Cleveland surrounded by tens of thousands of Terrible Towel-waving fans. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, the difference between black and gold and orange and brown in the stands was as significant as the numbers on the scoreboard.
There were the Browns' first five possessions, all of which were three-and-outs.
There were the first-half statistics. The Browns were outgained, 251-22, averaged 0.8 yards per play and had six rushing attempts for minus-1 yard.
There was the Browns' final drive of the game, which concluded with the Steelers preserving the shutout - fittingly on a huge hit by linebacker Larry Foote on Browns tight end Aaron Shea - as the remaining fans in attendance roared their approval.
"We didn't give the fans a reason to stay," Shea said.
They didn't give them a reason to do anything. But leave. Or run onto the field.
"It's embarrassing for them to come out and watch us play like that today," Browns cornerback Daylon McCutcheon said. "We got knocked out today. If it was a boxing match, we got knocked out."
That's just it.
The Browns didn't even compete.
The hits were as vicious as the final score. Rookie quarterback Charlie Frye was as frenetic as a 9-year-old on his way to the tree this morning and the Browns more overmatched than the genius who got slammed to the ground.
"I felt like they were guessing our plays," said Browns receiver Antonio Bryant, who had four catches for 50 yards six weeks after saying no one on the Steelers could cover him.
"This is one game," Shea said. "This is about as bad as it can get, but it's one game out of 16."
But is it?
Is it when your biggest rival now has won 11 of the last 12 and 18 of the last 21 games against you?
Is it when you're 0-5 in the division, you didn't have one of your seven first-round picks since 1999 on the field in Week 16 and you've reached double figures in losses for the fifth time in seven seasons?
"We have a ways to go, and that's obvious," said Coach Romeo Crennel.
The drunken fool would certainly agree.
"We didn't show up," said tight end Steve Heiden. "Nobody showed up today."
Well, one guy did.
And he got treated like the rest.
Can't find one yet but the story is making the rounds. If someone got skills enough to find it then post it here that would be awesome.
the linebacker was james harrison, i dont think he applied a kimura more so as just he is an nfl linebacker with alot more strength than a drunken fan and just kinda pinned his wrists.
I don't give a shit personally.

Besides, is it necessary to link to the thread? Can't the link just be copy and pasted? I'd rather watch the vid than scroll through just to find it.
Crap I tried to edit - copy - paste just the vid or the link just to the vid but I suck at it. Sorry gang.
Working on posting video.
Pic for now: