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Diaconu v Henry

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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Is this being played live on Don King TV?

If so it looks like the undercards are already finished.
Diaconu won a decision.

He was able to swivel away from danger for most of the fight, and was only in trouble in the last two rounds.

He was somewhat gassed after 6, and on his last breath for the last 3. He rallied back for the last 1.5 minutes of the fight, and both he and Henry put on a show.

Henry was bothered early on by Diaconu's style, and was dazed many times throughout the fight, but only rocked twice.

Diaconu needs more focus in his attacks, and a much better gas tank.
Henry won this fight easy, as a Canadian I will openly admit I am bias towards Diaconu and I still thought Henry won the fight. He brang it very second of very round.

I feel for Chris Henry and hope he gets a another shot at a ABC asap
Pretty good win for Diaconu, but it sounds like he needs to work on his cardio.
If what I read is correct, Diaconu was given the UD unfairly.

Supposedly Henry put Diaconu through the ropes and the ref didn't consider it a knock down.
but what would you expect with a canadian ref and the fight taking place in Romania???

I think Henry put on a good showing and his stock should still rise from this considering nobody even knew who he was and wrote him off before the fight.
It wasn't unfair. Henry did almost no damage throughout the fight.

When Diaconu went through the ropes, it wasn't a punch or a series of punches, it was Henry's weight on him and his own lack of gas.
It wasn't unfair. Henry did almost no damage throughout the fight.

When Diaconu went through the ropes, it wasn't a punch or a series of punches, it was Henry's weight on him and his own lack of gas.

I'm just hearing alot of differing views on this.
I'll have to wait until it's on youtube I guess.
it's on you tube now.. henry dropped him in the 11th and the 12th
I just rewatched the 12th on youtube.


It's at 2.20 in the video. He doesn't get dropped. He slides down the ropes while doing some exaggerated bobbing. Notice how he rolls under the ropes and gets up perfectly. Also notice that he hadn't been cracked by a punch when he slid through the ropes.

Funny how some people will call anything "being dropped" when looking to justify what is, in their opinions, a misjudged decision.
From my vantage it looked as if Diaconu was ducking punches and squatting down and squatted right through the ropes.
If I were the ref I wouldn't consider that a knock down either.
That's not to say that Henry didn't deserve the fight. I can't really comment one way or another.
If that final round was indicative of the whole fight that would appear to be a very hard fight to score.
I'm watching more of it, can't tell what round it is, but Diaconu looked pretty impressive. Landed a decent shot to the body and came close to taking Henry out at the end of the round.... but not enough time to do it.
I had the same as the judges, 115-113, and don't consider the Diaconu victory controversial at all.

While Henry came on very strong at the end and Diaconu gassed hard, Diaconu's constant grabbing also didn't win him any style points towards the end, he still lander the more effective shots throughout, including hurting Henry bad at the end of 8.

It didn't look like he was dropped due to punches at any point, he was kind of just flopping all over the place due to fatigue, it's certainly lame but not a knockdown.

Watching this fight gave me deja vu to the recent Gavin Rees - Andrea Kotelnik fight as Rees and Diaconu look pretty similar - pasty pudgy bald white dudes.
And both gassed hard in their fights.

The only difference being Rees was behind entering the last, and was dropped legitimately and then flopped afterwards and had the fight called.
Doesn't Diaconu have a ton of amateur experience? His style certainly doesn't show it. That counter straight right is extremely effective but he is kind of sloppy overall. Henry had more of an amateur style - straight up, quick straight punches lacking some pop most of the time. Good fight though. Diaconu has to do something about that stamina. And there wasn't any knockdowns. Diaconu's defense was actually pretty damn impressive except when nearly kissing the canvas from dipping his head so low in the stages of fatigue.

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