Diabetes and MMA


Jun 30, 2005
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I am wondering if anyone uses an insulin pump while competing in MMA. I am diabetic and should probably be using an insulin pump, but i am afraid that the catheder will get ripped out during training/fights. Anyone have some insight?
Never heard of anyone...don't think it would be advisable.
Do you have and wear a pump now?

Well, I would be more worried about actually damaging the pump.

Some athletes will make multiple infusion sites so they can just switch the pump if one gets taken out during competition. But that might not be a realistic choice for MMA training, but for competition it is an option.

If you dont already have a pump, find a manufacturer that supplies pumps designed for athletes, contact them and make sure they will gurantee their warranty for sport related damage.

Find the best sports protector you can find. Pick your infusion sites based on your training, IE dont put it on your lower back if you plan to spend 2 hours working on your guard, and dont put in front if you plan on sparring. Obviously, make your training partners aware you have a pump. Keep a secondary slower insulin source for backup with your training gear. Also, make sure you get infusion sets that are angled, not straight in.

If you can find a pump that the maker will warranty it for a wrestler, because I know wrestlers wear them, and you get the go ahead from your doctor, I dont see why you couldnt at least train while wearing a pump.

As for actually competing, that is another question.
Also, another thing that will give you alot of extra protection, if you have your infusion sites at or below the waist line, is wearing a football girdle. It will keep the tubing in place no matter what.

Seriously, those things can hold anything in place down there.
Thanks for the insight. No, I don't currently have a pump but I need to get one. I've been holding off because I wasn't sure of the implications with my lifestyle (thats a bad excuse). I appreciate the feedback.
I have been injecting for only a few weeks now, and am also considering a pump. As I understand it, the pumps arfe still much too large to train with. However, disconnecting the pump during practice shouldn't be a big issue at all. The issue is that the needle itself also needs to be removed. My nurse highly recommended not leaving the needle of an insulin pump in during practice, because if it gets ripped out it's going to be a bloody mess.

As I understand it, the needle site generally needs to be changed every three days or so anyway. So, I don't know how often you practice, but if you just took the needle out before practice, and then gave yourself a new site after class, that might be a good work around. However, if you practice almost everyday, that startegy might defeat the purpose of an insulin pump in the first place.

For now, I am just going to stick with the injections, because I am still learning proper dosing.
well sense this 5 year old thread got bumped ill give my input...
im a type 1 diabetic for 19 years, i wear a pump. its not an issue, just remove the pump before training, the exercise your going to do will keep ur sugar levels in range for the time u will be off the pump.
as far as competeing goes same thing.. ill wear the pump up until close to the match then just remove it and the infusion set, its only 15 minutes.