Detailed analysis on why JDS loses to Cain


Sep 7, 2011
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Because Frank Mir practices black magic.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: every time Frank Mir loses a fight, something bad happens to his opponents.

Let's take a look on his cursed victims:

Shane Carwin: Beats Mir, goes on to face Lesnar. Is on the edge of winning the heavyweight championship and being considered the baddest man on the planet, and then loses the fight. Then he goes on and gets demolished by JDS, and has an injury keeping him from fighting for almost a year now. A harsh punishment for the humiliation of his KO of Mir.

Brock Lesnar - Beats Mir, gets completely smashed by Carwin but Mir has something else in mind, let him win the fight, then get completely smashed against Cain! Brilliant work by Mir on this one. Then Brock goes on to face Overeem and get destroyed yet again. Also, a case of diverticulitis shows up from somewhere, I wonder where it could have come from?

Brandon Vera - Beats Mir, goes on to get beat by Sylvia and Werdum, and is never the same again. Mir saps his motivation in fighting, and Vera loses to Keith Jardine, Couture and gets destroyed by JBJ and bongo-played by Thiago Silva. Mir really hexed him to pieces.

Marcio Cruz - Beats Mir then loses to Jeff Monson and gets KTFO by Arlovski.

Ian Freeman - Beats Mir then gets KTFO by Arlovski, gets a split draw with the next name fighter he fights (Vernon White). Then the next name fighter knocks him out as well (Melvin Manhoef).

He even uses it in other fights, such as both of his fights with Big Nog. First fight, staph infection. Second fight, black magic prayers on the ground to get him out of a sticky situation! Also, isn't it weird that after the first Frank Mir fight, people started called him Zombie Nog???!?

Also, anyone find it weird how such a traumatic motorcycle accident had no effect on Frank Mir? That's right, black magic.

More proof:



Bet the house on Cain.
Every curse gets broken sooner or later. Like Hendo broke the Fedor curse.
Still better than those threads claiming Cain will win because he's so much better...
I had low expectations coming into this thread, but I still got a laugh out of it
Little scary that image of Mir on the end there.

But who knows....might be the Mir scenario where he Lesnar beat Mir and then still beat Carwin. SO JDS may lose his next one.
So pretty much everyone who beats Mr loses at least one fight in the next four. Poor poor JDS.
Not this time. This time, JDS sucked the soul out of Mir, and will finishing owning Cain's soul too.
I'm confused, so both Carwin and Lesnar get cursed by having to fight each other?