Describe your personal HELL


Bruce Lovely

I think having Fred Ettish dressed in an Eskimo suit while clubbing me like a baby seal for eternity would be up there on my list.

Or perhaps getting your dick caught in a cotton gin while someone named Jimbob Joeshmick whispers things into your ear like "You smell lovely Mr. Lovely" as he gives you a slow backrub that would feel good if it were a hot chick doing it.
Being strapped to a barrell with a snooker ball in my mouth, never gettin fed but keep alive with a drip and a bunch of guys using me as their bag emptier.......

That is ruff but it would be my hell..... I hope I havent offended
I'm not offended by any of the stuff on this forum, most of it goes straight over my head. j/k

Being transformed into some poor quality leopard skin style cotton by African slaves before being made into a custom fit Joe Son thong.
I was just told by someone that I...and I quote "rub them the wrong way"

Back to my hell...

Being force fed a ballhair sandwich while someone inserts a live frog into my ass.
All the hot chicks I liked turn out to be guys and I have to have wils sex with them :(
My personal hell:

Gargling cat piss..... from within a prison cell.... bunked up with 10 bruthas... while watching richard simmons tapes... and standing on thumbtacks.... in my vale tudo shorts.
If that was me, Mehwulfe, I'd make it my life's goal to roll off a cliff.
Discovering a fail-safe method of picking up any woman you lay eyes on (even if they are married, lesbian...whatever), and getting my penis caught in an industrial press 1/2 an hour after discovering this amazing power.

- Magic.
Originally posted by Dave Hojak
If that was me, Mehwulfe, I'd make it my life's goal to roll off a cliff.

HAhahahaha...dave, don't make fun of people less fortunate than ourselves.

- M
Going to my girlfriends parents house
Someone tieing me down to this fucking chair, and forcing me to read every rickson post ever posted on sherdog, over and over.
Being rubbed all over with sandpaper until my skin fell off and my organs eaten away and my nads ripped to pieces. That while having to watch the same thing done to the people I love.
The Viz had a good (bad) one.

Getting a paper cut on your bell-end.


My hell is sitting ina room with a bunch of uneducated, ignorant pricks offering opinions on subjects close to my heart about which they've done minimal research and then offer vague intuitions that have been cliched for the best part of 2300 years as if they were fresh and original. Boy, that really gets my goat. :)
Originally posted by vod

Well I guess I can finally use the phrase 'I'll see you in hell'

I will go down to hell and tap u out vod.
I dunno about that. You're already injured. I wouldn't wanna do too much more damage to you...