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Dennis Siver out of Swanson fight with knee injury


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Nov 28, 2010
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We know that Siver is not fighting (see front page news), but Tim Leidecker's german-language groundandpound.de reports that Siver's injury is actually a torn medial meniscus that requires surgery (http://www.groundandpound.de/allgemein/news/dennis-siver-kaempft-nicht-in-england/)

That sucks big time for Dennis. The fight against Swanson was his chance for a title fight, a chance that is unlikely to come again.
What do you mean a chance that might never come back? Torn meniscus are not like torn acl man, siver is a beast at 145, has been in the ufc for.long and will get a high profile opponent for his comeback fight depending on how the div unfolds until then.

Trained BJJ once with Dennis. Big fan since then! I was hoping he would get his shot soon...

war siver!
How long is he gonna be out? This may sound too optimistic but KZ said he would be ready to fight by June, is KZ vs Siver possible?
One of my favorite fighters. I was looking forward to him fighting three times this year and one of those fights being a titleshot. Hope he has the best recovery possible man knee injuries suck.
That's too bad, and KZ is gone too - funny that Bellator doesn't get this injury stuff in this sort of way...hmm