Definitive MMA (UFC only) pictures of 2012...


Aug 24, 2012
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Hello all, before we get too far into 2013, let's wrap up 2012 and post your favorite pictures from the last year. Those that defined MMA for you, as a fan. I'll start...

The return of GSP: GSP's war with Condit after injury. Some tension and excitement, a popular (but polarizing figure online) returns....


The upset of the HW champ: Simply one of the most 'complete' title fights in the UFC HW divisions history, in terms of well rounded, even competitors. Domination from the former KO victim sets the stage for a potential rubber match.


Natman2939 revealed: Like Gotham's Dark Knight, the mask came off of one of the most polarizing posters on the 'Dog after tweets and questionable behavior was leaked. Some shoops, some discussion, but a whole lot of 'dis gon b gud' (note Reginald VelJohnson aka Carl Winslow in the back).


Condit-Diaz: Great technical scrap that had a lot riding on it, the interim WW strap. Sub-story included if a high ranking SF crossover had what it took (I thought so, but the 'Diaz can't hang in the UFC threads' were abundant) to make it in the UFC. One of the most discussed decisions online and in real life of the year.


More to come soon. Post your own as well (2012 was a long year)....
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I missed the whole Natman thing. Can someone help me out with a link? I heard it's pretty good.
Silva-Bonnar: Following the UFC 151 debacle (another of the most discussed/THE MOST discussed event of the year), a questionable, yet oddly enticing matchup comes up. Silva's third foray into the light heavyweight division ends again in impressive fashion, only furthering the flames of a potential superfight with professional surgeon Jones....


Jones-Vitor: After said cancellation, heat on Jones and desire for him to be dethroned was at an all time high from blood thirsty fans. When Vitor stepped up, the lines were drawn in the sand against a veteran, but extremely dangerous MW/LHW. Vitor was dominated and tapped, but the armbar had fans/haters/spectators all on the edge of their seats...

No idea what the relevance of natman is. Could someone elaborate.

Great picture, and very memorable performance. Not trying to be a dick, but let's write about these things as well.

I think it really cemented that Machida was still a top contender at 205, after the setbacks to Jones and Rampage. Still elusive, still dangerous.

easily the most anticipated matchup in 2012.
Aleksandar Stojkovic I see you lurking in this thread, what do you think homie.
bendo vs nate
one of the most anticipated matches of the year that ended up more one sided than people had though.


bendo always able to be one step faster and an inch out of reach of talented nate diaz.

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