Decent headphones for cauliflower ear?


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Jun 13, 2011
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I can't wear ear buds at all when I'm doing any type of strength and conditioning and I feel like big bulky headphones like beats and other stuff is too much.

Are there any other options out there? I used to have a pair that looped behind my head that were perfect, but they've since broken and I'm in need of some new ones.

Help me F12! :eek:
any other options? I'm looking for something that loops behind my head as the buds don't work and big headphones like the bose are way too bulky.
well, the ones that loop behind your head would also likely be solid and press against your ear.

The only reason I suggested those bose headphones is they are pretty light weight.
I've never taken them to the gym. Yes, they are big. I'm sure they would be ok for lifting, but I wouldn't do calisthenics with them on.

In any case, I'm listening to them right now and I love them. I love these head phones so fucking much. They are the greatest head phones I've ever used. They don't touch your ears and open to the room so it sounds like music is just on all around me without being pushed into my head, like I'm sitting between a great system.,-Acoustic-Bass-,-Open-Air/en/p/MDRMA900
Walmart has cheap ones like you want for five bucks.
I use cheap Philips SBC HLI40 headphones as I can use buds due to cauliflower ear and because I step on them every other week.

Can you even read?!?

With all these cheesy overpriced celebrity endorsement headphones flooding the market, you'd figure its about time a grappling celebrity cashed in on the trend with some 'phones for the cauli demographic. Who wants some 'Beats by Rickson'? (apart from Yoji Anjoh obviously)
Damn this is an old but still relevant post. I like the "ear hook" style Bluetooth nowadays, but want to try pixel buds 2 with my cauliflower ear. Looking for feedback.
I used to train with @TheBJJProfessor it's weird to see his name pop up again. Once he caught shit for his gi drive not being sent out and his gi company didnt pan out he stopped training. Was a good partner and a nice guy. Shame.
I just tape mine in
I like these. Simple, cheap, good sound, wraparound behind the head, comfortable, wireless, they fold up so you can put them in your pocket, and they are durable.