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Apr 18, 2005
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Dear Sir,

Have mercy on me and change your avatar, pretty please.

Yeah, my wife is having a hard time believing that I post here for info on lifting.
LOL!!! Just figured out which avatar you're talking about.

Don't change it, dude!!!
Please! For the love of God (or for the love of your fellow man in this instance), change it!
Hulkmania even you have to change your avatar, the hulk can make any straight man gay and still steal your wife! People look at the hotness of the hulk and try and tell me that he dont make you feel like an old lady with burning hemoroids up her backside, try and tell me that and keep an straight face!

On a side note, what the freak does this have to do with strength and power?;)
WHy change it? Its good jerking material- improves the grip.
I don't you guys understand. I'm just asking BAS_FAN to change his avatar as a personal favor to a guy he's never met before. It may seem like a joke, but I'm not!

P.S.: Hulk Hogan inspires more heterosexuality before breakfast than the average man does in his lifetime.
Hulk Hogans daughter maybe...I guess not much to do in Clarksville but jerk off and watch wrastling...
jenna jameson and krystal steal?
come on.....please let me keep it!!

note: i sometimes have to close the window at work quickly for the same reason but the fact im trying to keep the dream alive must mean something!!
but i see what you're scroll down and all of a sudden my av pops up?....hmmm
what do you guys think?...lose the boobage?
rickdog said:
The Hulk is a STUD. 24" pythons.

were those number ever confirmed??
someone get entropy on here to confirm those stats!
Well, ok, I'm going to be really, disturbingly honest with you guys.

I'm kicking the habit. THERE! I said it!

So, um, those two girls make life miserable for me sometimes. They haven't got me yet, though, damn them! On top of that (no pun intended), there are more mundane worries. I don't like surfing unviewed threads when I'm on campus because I might stumble across that av. Well, it's not that I don't think they're pretty or anything. It's just the campus computer no-nudity policy and all.

Just a request. If you don't want to change it, you won't ruin my life or anything. I'm going the distance anyway :wink:.
And, yes, Hulk had the 24 inch pythons. How else did he bodyslam Andre the Giant? Huh?

if by habit you mean sex i must ask why???
if by habit you mean spanking the monkey i must ask HOW!?!?
I don't know if the Numbers were ever confirmed. He did have some big guns back in the day though. They are still pretty big now.
but he's so OLD!!
that being said, the balding mullet was the nicest hair style ive ever seen on any man....
Yeah, his face looks leathery and old. His mullet is pretty sweet though, we def. agree on that. I am letting the sides and back of my hair grow in while shaving the top as a tribute to Hulk.