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Dealing with the Flu.


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Oct 16, 2012
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So I'm coming around the corner of recovering from a pretty appalling case of the flu that has knocked me on my ass.

It sucks.

Anyone else care to discuss the flu? Recovery techniques? Interesting stories? The lovely feeling of only eating crackers and water?

I guess it's all a pretty great "cleanse" for my body.
Positive +1.

No milk, real food, or working out.
Negative -∞
Im in a similar situation.. still sick. Trying to minimize the setbacks. Any secret nutrition tricks to maintain muscle or is it just one of those "get back to work when youre healthy" type things where you need a week or two to get back to where you were?
TS; why no milk? any special reason?
TS; why no milk? any special reason?

since influenza is a respiratory illness a lot of people believe dairy products will make you produce/secrete more mucous......which may in turn make your illness worse.
You just gotta stick it out. I just got over a two-day flu. Sipped on very very small amounts of juice with salt for two days, and that's it. I find the less I eat the sooner it all gets sorted.

As soon as my stomach could handle something I chugged serious amounts of salted juice and flat pop (I think I went through about 6-8L). Took me a while to be able to stomach anything but liquid carbs, but I felt back to normal energy-wise right after that. Took about 1-2 more days until I could handle everything else though, but the juice tided me until then.