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Deadspin's Fitness Enthusiasts Ranked by Insufferability

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by Vulcan, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Vulcan Silver Belt

    Sep 1, 2014
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    they got number 1 right

    Getting exercise is good, allegedly, and there are good and bad people who enjoy every form of exercise. Some forms of exercise, however, collect far more bad, obnoxious, horrible, insufferable people than others. These are those forms.

    27. Swimmers

    Can’t talk much or they’ll drown.

    26. Pilates

    Pretty solid people at their core. (Sorry.)

    25. Thighmasters

    Not really a thing.

    24. Hikers

    Generally solitary and quiet-ish.

    23. Kegel squeezers

    I’m doing it right now.

    22. Kayakers

    Basically fine.

    21. Pure Barre

    Very butt-focused but pretty chill about it.

    20. Rollerbladers

    ‘90s glory days-ers.

    19. Climbers

    Uncomfortable shoes + chalk + torn rotator cuffs = climbers

    18. Surfers

    Dipshit broiness somewhat offset by surfing’s inherent coolness.

    17. Yogis

    Something something prana something something ashtanga something Malkovich Malkovich.

    16. Paddleboard yogis

    As above but wet.

    15. Jazzercisers

    It’s just nice to see grandma out of her wheelchair.

    14. Power walkers

    Get out of the fucking bike lane.

    13. MMA people


    12. Regular gym people

    Good at picking things up and then putting them down again. Excel at hamster wheels. Smell like crotch.

    11. P90Xers / Insanity-ers / Jillian Michaelsitas

    At least they’re annoying from the privacy of their own rumpus rooms.

    10. Runners

    Very whiny when injured. Are always injured.

    9. Zumba-ers

    Let me guess, you’re having so much fun you forget you’re working out? Please die.

    8. Stand-up paddleboarders

    Middle-aged hazards to themselves and others.

    7. Cyclists


    6. Triathletes

    As the joke goes, “How do you know if someone does triathlons? Give them 30 seconds, they’ll tell you.” (The same joke works for people who went to Harvard and who have tech startups.)

    5. SoulCycle victims

    Soul Cycle’s dark, dank, ear-bleedingly loud rooms prove, once and for all, that the Stockholm Syndrome is real.

    4. Hot yogis

    Heatstroke is not the same thing as nirvana, you slippery assholes.

    3. Juice cleansers / master cleansers

    This is not actually exercise, but people do it instead of exercise, languidly lying around with splitting headings, dropping a few pounds of water weight (that they will immediately gain back), making nonsensical claims about “detoxifying,” and spending hundreds of dollars on 20 bucks worth of fruit and veggies. Will claim it changed their lives. Their lives will never change.

    2. Fitbitters

    Will not stop talking about how many steps they took that day. Jerking off will trick it into thinking you ran five miles. (I’ve tested this.) Just dig out your old Livestrong bracelet and make some shit up, okay?

    1. Crossfitters

    The worst. The absolute worst. The worst of all time. They work out in something that is literally called a Box. Eight out of 10 things Crossfitters post on social media are humblebrags (or regular brags) featuring photo or video of world’s most boring feats of strength. They speak in indecipherable combinations of words and numbers (“Yo Chaz! I did the Psycho MooseSpritzer in 1:58 today, bro! BEAT THAT!”), and they lap up all the dumbest diet fads (hello, Bulletproof Coffee) like aggro-kittens to Muscle Milk. A dear friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, came to Aspen with me this winter for a snowboarding trip. He elected to do a half day of boarding, then took the whole next day off so he could do his workout in a Box, then only had energy for another half day on the slopes after that. In Aspen. One of the most beautiful places in the country. He’d rather be shut up in a box smelling the asscracks of other likeminded cult members. This epitomizes the Crossfitter mentality. These people are out of their minds.

  2. mbinder This shark, swallow you whole.

    Oct 15, 2006
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    Windy City
    I haven't looked yet but if Number 1 isn't crossfitters I'll cut my dick off with a butter knife.

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