deadlift types


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May 22, 2005
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Okay here we go, I'm pretty sure I know what a deadlift is and how to do it. BUT, I cant reeaallllllly tell hte difference between a deadlift and an RDL, which leads me to believe that maybe i don't in fact know how to do a deadlift. Anyone have pics or videos of the two? Or at least a REAL good description?
You can look at exrx for some animations of different exercises.

In a deadlift, you bend your knees to get down to the bar, then start by driving with your heels, lifting the bar in a motion similar to a squat.

A SLDL is more like a good morning. You keep your legs as they are, and only bend at the hips. Your knees do not bend at all, you only bend at the hip.

A RDL is like the SLDL, only your knees are somewhat bent throughout the entire exercise. You still only move at the hip. Your knees are bent, but you do not move them at all. Like a good morning with bent knees.