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Feb 17, 2008
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I know that some people can probably put up a lot more weight if they use a little worse form and do a little more lower back on their deadlift maxes... I am not saying that is right nor is it what I do, but I was wondering... when you max deadlift obviously most peoples form my be a little worse but if you can keep adding weight and using more and more low back, how do you know when to stop? I ask this because my legs are weak and when I deadlift I use the best form I can but I don't add any more weight if I cannot do more with good form... but if use more back I could easily add more weight... I don't know if this makes sense but I was just wondering what the right way to max it is... crap form for a lot? or good form for less?

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-When maxing deadlift should you put up more weight with worse form or less with good form...(not talking about normal sets because obviously you want the good form)... strictly maxes
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you can be a good deadlifter and use more back than some- that will just limit your max eventually.

what you need to watch out for is your lower back rounding, because your lumbars are not strong enough to hold several hundred pounds like your spinal erectors are. if your form breaks down like this during a max attempt, drop it.
Almost everytime someone posts a video of a big deadlift, someone chimes in with "and he straight legged it!". A lot of the best pullers pull big weight with high hips. The only safety issue concerning form when pulling max weight to worry about is rounding of the lower back. If you are still keeping a neutral back, then put more weight on and keep pulling.
I usually know I hit my max when using good form I can not lift it anymore. Thats usually when I stop.
Ok cool... well thanks that lets me know that I can probably add quite a bit more to my deadlift because I do still keep my low back from rounding.