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David Haye confronts Wladimir Klitschko

LOL! Awesome video! I was waiting for David Haye to say "I will never let a white boy beat me."
Whatever you think about Haye he adds some real interest to the Heavyweight division.
i like his swagger, but klitchko is right; he hasn't proven a thing yet. That being said he is exciting, he has talent and ability and MIGHT be able to back up all that chatter.
I don't think Haye can take the fact that a white man is the champion. He thinks because he's black that he can beat him.
its interesting. but video looks kind of staged. but hey its gonna make some money.
That is an AWESOME video!

Now THAT is self-promotion...slightly reminiscent of the greatest self-promoter who ever lived, Muhammad Ali, as he heckled and harangued Sonny Liston into accepting his challenge.

Other than David Haye, who else has publicly and aggressively went after Wladimir Klitschko DEMANDING a fight...shouting for it in the airport? That's a psychological edge for Haye right there. I don't think Wlad has experienced this public disrespectful treatment before.

I'm liking this arrogant $#!t-disturber David Haye more and more.

Haye's been stopped once, but it hasn't made him gunshy at all; Haye still takes those risks intent on knocking over a man which is what a professional fighter is SUPPOSED to do, not paw a guy half his size for 12 rds stinking out Madison Square Garden. This guy Haye is injecting some real life into a barren wasteland, and he hasn't even had a fight at Heavyweight yet! People are talking and taking notice.

Too much is being made about weight.
David Haye IS a Heavyweight who's been dieting down to fight at Cruiserweight for the last couple of years.
David Haye is cccrazey! With a capital K.
I wish you could replace Wlad with Toney in that situation.
Good idea on Haye's part to gain interest in the fight, but be careful for what you wish for and all of that stuff.....
I wish you could replace Wlad with Toney in that situation.

Toney would whoop him with words.
IT also would take place at a burger king, and toney would say "I'm gonna beat you and your mama's ass".
i like his swagger, but klitchko is right; he hasn't proven a thing yet. That being said he is exciting, he has talent and ability and MIGHT be able to back up all that chatter.

He is the undisputed champion one weight class below klitchko. how can u say he has proved nothing. calzaghe had proved nothing at light heavyweight yet defeated the ring champ in that division. i think he is as qualified if not more than any other HW for a title shot. I hope it happens
The latest in the Haye/klitschko row.

Sky Sports | Boxing | News | Haye: I'll KO Klitschko

David Haye believes world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko is already running scared, and that if they ever meet he will stop the Ukrainian inside six rounds.

The pair crossed swords - apparently for the second time this week - at a charity event at London's ExCel Centre, with undisputed cruiserweight champion Haye insisting that he is the heir to the heavyweight throne.

But Klitschko, who is fighting one of his two mandatory challengers Tony Thompson in July, holds the IBF and WBO belts and says Haye needs to prove himself before the pair can get it on.

"In Vegas everyone was asking when I'm fighting Klitschko," Haye said. "It's the fight everyone wants.

"No-one has even heard of Thompson and (Alexander) Povetkin, who ducked me in the amateurs by moving up to super-heavyweight. But these are the guys he's fighting and it's just a joke.

Mandatory defences

"He holds the most heavyweight titles and I'm the fastest fighter with the best knockout record so we should fight as soon as possible.

"He's just hiding behind the mandatory defences. This would be the biggest fight in the heavyweight division since Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

"But he's just scared and I can see it in his eyes. I reckon I'll knock him out in six rounds."

However, in a head-to-head confrontation, Klitschko hit back, saying: "For now, in the heavyweight division you are a nobody. You have to prove yourself."

But Haye responded: "I don't have anything to prove. You've got to fight the best fighters out there - and the best fighter is me.

"Who's Tony Thompson? What have Thompson and Alexander Povetkin ever done? These people are bums. Fight the main man, that's me. There is no need to hide behind these mandatory bums. No-one knows who they are."

The last word was left to the 32-year-old Ukrainian, who said: "I'd hardly heard of David Haye until I arrived in London but he's been following me around.

"I understand he is young and enthusiastic but I am committed to my mandatory defence against Tony Thompson and I'm focusing on that."
Now THIS is what I like to see.

Haye: Wladimir! You knock them two bums on the head and we gonna come and get it on!

Klitschko: Mr. Haye! :D

Haye: Yah Yah, Mr. Haye.

Klitschko: ....in person! :D

Haye: Yeah, in person!

Excellent hype. The HW division needs a fighter with The Haymaker's personality. He's cocky as hell and not afraid to back it up. I'd like to see this fight as soon as possible. Klitschko says get in line but if Haye can beat the right people there's no reason why that line can't be as short as possible.
no haye just have to make sure he comes through his next fight. if he gets beat hes going to look silly.
i hope he brings something new and exciting to the HW division atleast...he sure is right about it being pretty embarassing after lennox left...Klitschko is a giant of a man but if any punch lands on that glass jaw he is going down.