Dave Meltzer apologizes to Mike Goldberg

Glad to see he at least manned up like that and didn't just try to sweep in under the rug. Good shit.
Meltzer needs to get out the MMA game and stick to pro wrestling.
I expect nothing less from Meltzer
At least Dave has tried to do the right thing here, best wishes to Mike Goldberg. I hope to see him return soon.
so that's where the rehab rumors came from I thought goldberg DID NOT seem like the type that would fall to addiction but it seemed feasible bc so many famous people fall victim to it. Good to know for sure its not drug/ rehab related. Get better Goldie
Did he apologise about making up false 'news' reports about Jones/Chael/Dana?

A journalist who doesn't proof read what they write is like an athlete who doesn't ask/read what's in the needle that they're being injected with.
So what did he say?

Meant to say Mike Goldberg did NOT have a pill addiction but due to a typo/mistake he forgot the not part and article came out as Mike goldberg having a pill addiction.
Meltzer takes rumors, bullshit, and public knowledge, and spins it as though he is some awesome insider who can predict the future. He is a sensationalist, and extremely annoying. I hate people like him who try to sell their bullshit to people who are obsessed with drama. He isn't an "mma expert" like a lot of people somehow think. I am just sick of him.