Dave Camarillos "Position Impossible"


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Jan 27, 2005
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anyone heard of or seen this instructional yet? I think its pretty new, its at http://onthemat.com/xcart/customer/product.php?productid=307

Dave was a BB in Judo before ever training in BJJ which is probably why he is so good, and this dvd is supposedly takeing the two arts and meshing them together into Daves own unique art......anyone have any opinions on this? 99 bux for a limited time and 119 after that so its too pricey for me to get w/o hearing a review.
c'mon guys....sixty something views on this thread and no one can leave a comment? OK so if you havent heard of or seen it what do you think about the idea od a Judo/BJJ combo instructional? Does it sound like it might be valuble or just clever marketing? I know Ive trained at 3 different BJJ places and everyone knows of and respects Dave Camarillo. I even trained at aka under Dave for a few months but had to move, and now whenever i tell an instructor that i trained under Dave their eyes get big and they "oh really? You trained with Dave 'watch your elbows' Camarillo?".
He's a good, experienced, knowledgeable Judoka and BJJ artist. I saw a clip of him demonstrating a No-Gi OSotoGari a month back and it was pretty good.

I might buy "Position Impossible," but I also want some reviews before hand.
How can anyone review it if it isn't out yet?? It's only available for PRE order...
This thread was funnier when it was obvious the thread starter hadn't read the details of Camarillo's set.
60+ views because we thought you had something to say about it. =P
*smiling* ahhh you guys are funny.....sorry bout that. Guess ill ttt this after new years.
Well I dont know anything about the video but I did train under him. He is very technical and goes through things very thourghly during his classes. His classes were well worth the price, so if the video is anything like his class, it should be worth the money.