**Dana White Undergoes Surgery for Meniere Disease w/ Post-Op Video**


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Mar 22, 2010
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Before Surgery:


After Surgery:


Here's to a speedy recovery!
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People of Sherdog have found their new nemesis
Total bromance in the first picture. Cute.
Hopefully now he'll be able to hear how retarded some of the shit he says really is.
Hope he gets better, I hear he has hundreds of athletes to underpay
Who exactly is nick the tooth business man celeb of some kind or just danas friend? He's a funny dude
Well I really hope he recovers quickly and that the procedure was a success.

War Bossman!
apparently his left ear is an inch lower than the other now.
He said it wasn't a major type of thing

Any time they take your ear completely off and then put it back on, I'd say that's more than minor. That shit is creepy!

Hope it goes well with a full recovery.
Why do people have a dislike for this 'Nick the Tooth' guy?

Hoping for a speedy recovery, Dana.
get well soon Dana,the Southern hemisphere sends you its best wishes and your in our thoughts. the world is a worse place with you out of action.