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Dana White UFC 155 Post-fight Scrum (video)

When does the scrum happen? Or by "scrum" do you just mean interview and not some sort of controversial incident?
Anyone else notice Dana always mispronounces Jose Aldo's name? I learnt how to say Jose in 6th grade, come on Dana.
Dana calls it a scrum. Media do too. If you want to find it on YouTube, you're going to have to search for scrum. I'm glad Karyn Bryant was on site to catch it and put it on YouTube. These scrums aren't always available for viewing.
Always enjoy Dana in these types of interviews after all of the formal stuff. You tend to get a little more of his blunt uncensored opinions on a variety of things.
This lipservice regarding superfights is so fucking maddening.

You have Lorenzo saying on twitter after the Pac KO that you can't delay superfight because there's too much risk of losing them forever and then nothing happens.

Fuck Dana.
J isn't silent in portuguese like it is in spanish.

Got it. I wasn't sure if it was something like that so I was checking some vids online, I guess the case is a lot of times announcers say it wrong on fight night.