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Dana: "Jon Jones A Little Diva"


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Oct 23, 2002
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Dana White Calls UFC Champ Jon Jones 'A Little Diva' During CES 2013 Interview

Stemming from comments Jones made during an MMA Fighting interview last year about being treated "like a piece of meat" in the wake of the cancelled UFC 151 event, White didn't hesitate to call Jones a "diva" for how the champion conducted himself:

Speaker: But [the UFC 151 fallout] continued to roll, because that fighter [Jones] said about how he felt like he was treated "like a piece of meat" and you guys were going at it.

Dana White: That's a little diva, there. You know what I mean? "Being treated like a piece of meat." That's a diva.

Pot meet kettle.

Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...jones-a-little-diva-during-ces-2013-interview

Oh you better belee dat hunny!!
Dana White thinks Jon Jones stardom has gone to HIS head?

Lol Dana White needs to watch one of his old interviews and mannerisms before the the UFC blew up
^^ haha at that pic

And no Dana, you are the diva. You cancelled 151.
Brilliant promotion of his champion. I am no Jones fan, but I just don't get why Dana does this.
Can't say I disagree.
Lol, and for a moment it almost looked like Dana was gonna let it go. Guess we can look forward to more of this as we get closer to the event....
Oh gawd. If Dana thinks Jon Jones is a diva, could you imagine how Dana would react to a legitimate athlete who has an entourage and competes for money and makes millions?

Dana expects every UFC fighter to act like a dumb back yard brawling white guy who, "just wants to fight!" and doesn't care that they're making Dana millions while he's paying them hundreds.
Lol. Dana can say whatever he wants and I could not care less. He's bashed Anderson so many times but does that stop people from liking Anderson?
Brilliant promotion of his champion. I am no Jones fan, but I just don't get why Dana does this.

Dana does it because Jones is the first legitimate potential mainstream athlete the UFC has had and Dana wants to keep Jones in check to make sure he never has to pay him what he's worth.

Dana knows the UFC fan base is comprised of a lot of racists and xenophobes, so by making them hate Jones, it makes it that much harder for Jones to ask for more money.

But the problem is, Jones will appeal to non UFC fans and that's what's going to make him bigger than Dana wants him to be.