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Dan Severn retires

True legend, I'm glad he went out on a win.
He makes Randy Couture look like Justin Bieber.
dan the man you helped make mma what it is today god bless you sir and enjoy your mixed drinks under the sun!!!
Man I was hoping he'd get to fight Royce, Ken, or Coleman before he retired.
A legend glad he retired. At this rate he was only helping up and comers get a name.
I've been following MMA regularly since 2006 and have never seen a Severn fight. I do however know of his accomplishments from Sherdog and wish him very best and say thanks for all his efforts. A true UFC HOFER imo.
For awhile there was talk of a fight vs Shamrock out here in KOTC
I wouldve loved to go to that and see the two legends square off one last time
Thanks Dan for all the awesome MMA fights, and for always bringing it! He is a true ambassador of the sport, and represents so many great things about mixed martial artists.
Some of the most boring early UFC fights ever.

Loved him anyway!

Enjoy your retirement Dan!
I had a chance to train with him a couple years ago really cool guy.
had no idea he was still fighting lulz
Some of the most boring early UFC fights ever.

I'll have to second that. Some of Dan's early UFC fights were treacherously boring...

BUT....The man definitely earned his nickname and pioneered the sport we all love for almost 2 full decades. RESPECT.
I was expecting a bump from a 2003 thread... crazy, I had no idea he was still taking names... Well good luck Dan, 101-19-7, not too shabby of a career right there.