Dan Henderson Uses New Year's Eve To Take Shot At Jon Jones


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Mar 21, 2011
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Henderson, who was scheduled to face Jones earlier in the year before suffering a knee injury in training, posted:

"Wishin everyone a Happy New year!! Be safe! No drinking and driving and hitting telephone poles."

Henderson is currently training towards a meeting with Lyoto Machida at UFC 157: Rousey Vs. Carmouche. The winner could make a statement concerning a title shot in 2013.

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JJ opened himself up to these comments when he messed up.

Still not the most clever dig I have seen. Also, Hendo needs to focus on Machida if he ever wants a shot at JJ.
That's random, and kinda out of nowhere...but I like it. War Hendo
Hendo won't get a chance to go 0-3 in UFC title fights. So the effort is wasted.
Pullin a Chael. I agree with the above statement on how he needs to focus on Machida rather than take shots at the champ.
I'm expecting a bunch of nuthuggers to clamor at how funny he is.

Can't wait to see Machida be the first to put Hendo out cold, that is, unless he decides to forego that and choke him out like Anderson did.
Says the guy who went from LHW #1 contender to a co-main event in favor of a women's fight.
Funny Hendo. Though Jones will give the worst beating he'll ever get
Wishin Hendo a Happy New year!! Be safe! Don't Injury yourself in training!
Ha! A cheap shot - but very much deserved.

They say forgive and forget -- but until you've been affected by a drunk driver you shouldn't even be allowed to comment on the topic. I have no respect for JBJ.

Everyone makes mistakes but there's no excuse for JBJ. It's not like he can't afford a fucking taxi.
Says the guy who went from LHW #1 contender to a co-main event in favor of a women's fight.
Did it hurt that much that he heckled your favorite fighter that you had to make a completely irrelevant connection?

Or do you actually think that him missing out on a title shot due to a knee injury is somehow related to the idiocy of driving drunk?
Fans probably now think Hendo deserves a shot at Jones to resolve the bad blood. Ariel Helwani now has something to write about.