Dan Covel half guard dvd reviews?

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by cuccigucci, Jul 27, 2016.

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    Can anyone please give a review on Dan Covel's new half guard dvd available on digitsu.com ?

  2. trustdoesntrust

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    I have it and like it. Dan's half guard is basically a Z-guard resembling the way Caio Terra plays it with the knee shield high and mobile. Fitting a Marcelo-trained athlete, Dan's system is a series of high-percentage attacks to each of the opponent's most likely counters. Surprisingly, some of the best techniques are actually the handful of top half guard passes and submissions that open the set. My favorites so far are the "knee slice to kimura" and "negative side pass," and I'm eager to experiment with the reverse half kimura trap he shows.

    Overall, the title is a bit misleading since there's only really one move that involves the Black Magic inversion, with a few more that are strategically reminiscent. And whereas the Black Magic Closed Guard set completely changed the way I think of the closed guard, this set is more about innovative details from familiar positions. This is him demo'ing a backstep counter that is one of the flashier moves on the set:

    Here he is hitting one of the more typical techniques in competition:
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    wow that triangle was slick as hell^

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