D@MN Home Depot!


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Jun 17, 2002
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So I walk into the cinder block and extension cord section to get some adequate equipment to fix my septic tank since my goddamn hippy neighbors dog keeps digging it up and spreading shit all over my yard. They have one of those stupid little yapping dogs. I think they said once it was a Jack Daniels Terrier but I really can't remember. Anyway that little shit slinger has more goddamn energy than a greased up squirrel on amphetamines and it keeps digging up my back yard, thats how I fell in that hole and broke my hip...I was sober at the time damnmit. Anyway this little pimply kid in the orange vest looks at me all perplexed like and starts stammering, so I hit him in the head with a cinder block to help knock the words out of him. When I got home the damn police were here wanting to arrest me for assault. I was just trying to help the kid out....WTF....this is the problem with people in this country...always wanting to go to court. But I know all will be ok since Law and Order taught me that Justice prevails 50% of the time.
see theres your problem their misplaced anger you hit the kid in the vest when you should have just killed your neighbors dog
Damn kid should feel lucky he doesn't work in the yard tool section. You could have really fucked him up.
I would if I could catch that little fucker...he's fast I tell ya
so heres the shopping list for your next home dpot visit-shovel, razor wire,burlap sack. dig hole, fill with razor wire,cover hole,leave treats,catch wounded dog place in burlap sack, tie burlap sack to tree, beat like pinata
all you need is high powered BB gun. That damn dog will learn.
but wheres the fun in that at least the bag explodes like a pinata except instead of candy you get dog guts
Crikey, look at that little bugga'. That little terrier needs to be wrangled, you should jump on a horse and hogtie that little bastard................
Maybe I could put some quickcrete in the bottom of the hole so that little fucker will break his hip when he falls in just like I did when I fell in that hole in the backyard
I would put rat poison or some kind of battery acid in the hole.
skanx we are on the same page. but not enough to kill it just enough to maime it so you can finish the job by hand
Ya damn skippy hippie...................
oh I'll smash that varmits head in with a ball pein hammer when I catch him.
Just get a bigger dog of your own to eat that dog..........there would be no evidence................
not what i was thinkin, i think i slow torture death with its head in a vice while you slowly turn it will do
This is the most disgusting thing I ever heard but it actually happened. A friend I worked with a few years ago told me a story about his dog that was killed by a bunch of dogs in the area. His dog was chained up and defensless to these other dogs, and they killed it. So his dad buys 5lbs of hamburger meat and a pack of light bulbs crushes all the light bulbs into little bitty slivers and mixes it up in the hamburger meat!!!! Sets it out the next day and it was gone. Damn that is a rough way to go.
i think your friends dad wathced the first season of oz for inspiration on that one
he could end up like this dog

Originally posted by bigakuma
i think your friends dad wathced the first season of oz for inspiration on that one

What is that?