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cutting weight causing weight gain in the long run


saggy pants
Mar 13, 2005
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hey i was wondering if some of you wrestlers out there have had any experience with a lot of weight gain due to cutting weight during the season. I would think that the metabolism is being slowed and also the body gets confused with the crazy dieting in the routine of making weight.
As a result of this perhaps in the long run the body will gain a lot more weight then the natural/original weight.

I am a natural 150 cutting to 141 for the season. Should i be expecting after the season to work harder to keep my natural 150 because the season will screw up my metabolism? At least work harder til my metabolism gets back in sync?
i get fat after every season ends until about July
Not really i cut down to compete then go right back up to my normal weight
Cutting weight actually hurt me once I got older. I find it harder to gain weight now.
it all depends on the person i guess. in high school i cut bout 5 to 8 lbs give or take for wrestling and 6 years later, i only weight 20 lbs more, but ive been weight training and i move furniture for a living. i guess time will tell......
it depends on your cutting diet. the all natural peanut butter diet and the warrior diet will both cut weight fantastically, but they'll both effect you differently when you go off it.

one rasies metabolism, one lowers it.
This may be a much more extream example than cutting weight for wrestling but it seems to contradict conventional wisdom on the subject.
I worked in an eating dissorder unit for about a year, most of the girls used to come it at a BMI of 15 or below, when they had to eat half portion meals (otherwise they'd get something called refeeding syndrome which could give them heart failiure) and initialy their weight went up realy quickly after about two weeks their weight gain would slow down and stop.
Prety soon these girls would be eating three large meals a day plus three snacks (bags of crisps, chocolate bars etc) and their weight was prety much stabalised at bmi of around 16 a lot of these girls had to add in weight gain drinks like fortisip.
The reason that the dietician working on the unit gave for this was that your body has a set point weight and if you deviate from it by more than a few kilos your metabolic rate ajusts itself acordingly.
Anyway by restricting their calorific intake for a long period of time and maintaining a low weight these girls had reset their set point weight making it harder to gain weight in the future.
^I'm calling bull on that. That's not the way the metabolic process works. Unless the anorexic people actually hurt themselves somehow through their disorder, I'm not sure how that would work.
I completely agree with you mate, that's just not how metabolism works, but I've seen what I've just described time and time again.
durring wrestling season after practice i dont even want to eat food cause im so tiered, man im not looking forward to the weight cutting though im looking at about 20 to 30 pounds