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  1. so I started cutting on april 28th (some of you may remember my "why am I fat thread" from around that time.)

    my stats were:
    height: 5'9
    weight: 192
    waist: 38in

    I took some advice from you guys and came up with this diet:

    meal 1
    1/2 cup cottage cheese
    1 cup oatmeal
    3 ex large eggs

    meal 2
    2 slices of nitrite free turkey
    1 slice of cheese
    weight watchers wrap
    1 cup of raw broccoli
    handful of almonds

    meal 3
    1 cup broccoli and red pepper
    handful of almonds

    meal 4 (pre wrkout)
    2 scoops whey

    meal 5
    2 scoops whey
    1 scoop carb supp

    meal 6
    chicken breast
    large serving of spinach

    meal 7
    1 cup cottage cheese

    My training week goes like this:
    mon: back/core
    thur: chest/calves
    fri: biceps/core
    sun: triceps/high intensity cardio (ie burpee's, sprints)
    I also cycle to and from work and to the gym (average 30min per day)

    so it's may 13th and here's where i'm at:
    height: 5'9 (obviously)

    couple questions:
    does raw broccoli make anyone else bloated?
    how much weight will I have to drop to get my waist down to 34in? (i'm guessing 182-183)
    is milk/cottage cheese really that good to have before bed?
    should I cut out meal 7 and just have a bigger dinner? (meal 6)
  2. One Time You bang brah?!

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    Sucka Free
    -I would switch this to 1 large egg and 3 large egg whites

    -Your workout regiment is flawed IMO. If you are bodybuilding, then you want something like this.


    Throw in a day of miscellaneous stuff like neck/calves/circuits etc.

    If you are working out for fighting, then strength is what you are looking for. You should work Chest (bench), Squats, deadlifts, neck, pull ups etc. You really don't need to work calves, biceps and triceps much for fighting.

    All in all though, your plan is pretty good...just some fine tuning here and there.
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    Cut weight watchers wrap out. Get more raw vegetables in there instead. Maybe more protein in meal #2...Im not sure what 2 slices of nitrite free turkey is nutritionally
  4. nholmes88 White Belt

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    When you say 3 eggs, you mean 3 boiled eggs, you just eat them like that?
  5. Dude, vegetables with every meal - EVERY MEAL. Blend 2 cups of raw spinach in with your shake - seriously you can't taste it. Broccoli/carrots/lettuce I can taste in shakes, but spinach I can't.

    And when do you workout? Between which meals?
  6. yeah
  7. between the protein shakes
  8. with the cheese it's aprox 25gms of protein.
  9. really MORE, veggies? what vegetables do u eat during the day, just to get an idea.
  10. Cap'n <img src="

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    I see 3 servings of veggies for 7 meals. How did you figure that one out TS?
  11. how did i figure what out?
  12. Gary Peters Purple Belt Professional Fighter

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    I would suggest slowly adding more veggies in but this is a big step in the right direction.

    Often people try too hard in the beginning and end up giving up. Your meal plan isnt bad at all but like most of the people here are stating you can show even more progress with the addition of more veggies and real food. Tuna from a can.. a couple eggs and a piece of chicken doesnt cut it in my book. More dead animals (not from a can).
  13. I agree with the "real food" tip, but like most of us, i work all day and don't have access to a fridge. It's always been a battle for me to find portable meals that i can take with me. any suggestions would help......
  14. Gary Peters Purple Belt Professional Fighter

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    Small cooler with those cold packs you put in the freezer??
  15. Just prepare chicken or whatever the day before and make sandwiches/wraps/pitas, whatever. What I often do is take meat (turkey sausage, chicken breast, pork tenderloin/whatever), mixed beans or chickpeas, and lettuce and wrap it up in a whole wheat pita. Pan fry the meat and beans with a half-second spray of olive oil (I just use PAM olive oil) and do so on medium heat. Past medium heat the oil isn't too good for you (that's when you use coconut oil) :p, medium and below it's fine :) Good-tasting stuff!

    If you're stuck on recipes or creative ways to eat healthy stuff, I STRONGLY recommend John Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition ($50 shipped). I never prepared/cooked meat before, and the day I cracked open this book I was making some very tasty chicken dishes with ease :) It's tailored to the total noob at cooking :D And don't worry the meals take very little time to prepare.

    Anyways, I disagree with Honra - I believe he's right for the most part about people needing to take things gradually, I'm just one of those people that does things cold-turkey. I only ate veggies with dinner before starting the diet I've been on for ~3 weeks; now I eat them with every meal (5 meals a day) and have no problem with it.

    The way I work veggies in... Natural peanut butter on celery, lettuce & cucumber in sandwiches/wraps, etc., lettuce in salads..obviously (I only have salads with like..beans, chicken, lettuce and some other veggies), SPINACH IN SHAKES (I eat ~6 cups of spinach a day - I swear you can't taste it lol), steamed broccoli, and then sometimes I just take a handful of things raw (carrots/lettuce, etc.)
  16. He's being sarcastic, it's stressed a lot around here that veggies should be eaten with every meal; based on that, 3/7 is illogical.
  17. thanks dude, good advice.

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