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Cut closing. No stiches... Help.


The Bourbonator
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Nov 6, 2010
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Me and a sparring partner just butted heads accidentally,and now I have a pretty nice cut on the top of my head. It was gushing blood, and slowed down, but It looks like I'll need a few stitches. Problem is I'm broke as shit, and can't afford a doc visit atm.. Any recommendations on sealing the cut, and keeping it from infection?
Do you have any friends that know how to sow? Have them stitch it for you
The "free clinic" poor people go to to get STD treatment can probably stitch you up.

If you can cobble up 50 dollars, you could call some out of town doctors and offer them 50 bucks to stitch you. One of them will do it.

If you want to be less honorable, here is an article: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Will_an_unpaid_medical_bill_damage_your_credit

It isn't a large bill and credit companies understand you can't avoid medical expenses. While I'm not an accounted, I've HEARD that they are weighted less heavily. Maybe some other posters have an opinion on it.

In any case, I'd get the stitches.
I bought this stuff called "Woundseal" at Walgreens that seems to be doing the job atm.. Anyone ever use this stuff?
I also bought some super glue.. One of my buddies said to combine Vasoline and Nose Spray.

Ive super glued deep cuts before but never on my face, might be tricky.
dud ejust go get stitches you;re going to die of infection
That's a lame place to get cut, lol.
That's a lame place to get cut, lol.

ya. What sucks is, I've been bald, shaved for like 8 years.. Just in the last few months, I decided to grow my hair out again.. And now I had to wash my hair out to get to the cut, where as if I was still bald, it'd be no problem.
Option 1: Try a home remedy, get infected and die
Option 2: Charge your credit card
The ER won't turn you away.

But honestly you probably shouldn't be engaging in a contact sport without the means to handle your medical care. When I was uninsured I didn't train.
my problem is contact sports are the only exercise I enjoy and am motivated to do... Fuck running
my problem is contact sports are the only exercise I enjoy and am motivated to do... Fuck running

You don't run?

What do you train?

Anyway, just drink some whiskey and stitch it yourself. I don't see how this could go wrong.
For the love of god the advice of self/friend stitching and super glue makes me feel sick.

Go get medical treatment from someone that knows what the fuck they're doing. Your first mistake was signing on to sherdog for advice on this.

Strike one, motherfucker.

.. kidding, but really, your head is probably being fistfucked by the AIDs virus right now.
Pretty much exactly why you wear headguards.

Either way, get that sealed up professionally otherwise the healing process will be much longer.
If you know any dentists or doctors or veterinarians (or assistants of <--- your best bet)personally (as a friend), they have that stitched up on the spot, it's not hard, it just has to be sterile (gloves, sterile needle and suture).
There's also a thing called "butterfly bandages" which look kind of like bandaids, but are used to hold cuts together. You can use those with some gauze on top.