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    The Product:
    Customguards Pro Guard Grill
    Price: $150 ($130 is Pro Guard non grill). Price is $20 more due to the time required to complete.

    The Design:
    Black base, with 3d fangs, colored white


    The Service:
    Amazing customer service. The entire process was wonderful, any questions I had were answered within an hour of e-mailing him, and he was always available for me to call him. Since this was the first guard he has done like mine, he offered me a free guard when he gets the technique perfected. Amazing customer service.

    The Fit:

    This guard fits like a glove. I can talk, drink, and I could probably even eat with it in. However, it has a harder shell than you might expect (especially compared to my stars). Which at first was a bit awkward but I have been wearing it around the house all day and it is no longer an issue.


    The Conclusion:
    Overall this is a great product. If you are looking for a custom guard I would definitely recommend Scott. Even with my unique(ish) design, it only took a week after I sent in my impression. I originally wanted fangs like AA's guard, but Scott told me that it would probably reduce protection due to having to use a harder plastic. So I changed my mind to a fang guard, but with the fangs three dimensional. I have not trained with this in yet, and will update when I get the chance to, and also let you guys know how the '3d fangs' feel when I'm getting hit in the face, or have a bad rear naked thrown across my face. Great product, great service, great guards. I highly recommend Scott at!

    This Product receives a 9 out of 10.

    Also look for my Customguards and Starsguards Comparison, coming soon.
  2. MonkeyNuts! Rear Naked Poker

    Oct 17, 2007
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    wow 150 bux!

    make sure when your opponents are about to go out that you grin so that smile of teeth is the last thing they remember...

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