Curriculum question for schools with multiple instructors


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Nov 22, 2011
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For schools with more than one instructor teaching different classes, do all the instructors teach the same curriculum/techniques at his or her class, or does each instructor teach a different set of techniques based on his or her game?

I'm referring to classes of the same skill level, not beginner vs. advanced, etc.
Every school I have taught at that has multiple instructors follows a curriculum. Some are more general than others but regardless all of the instructors are on the same page.

Currently, I have meetings and talk with the instructors whom I share classes with every so often to keep things clear.
Our beginners class has a curriculum that both follow. Our nogi classes though are at the discretion of our nogi instructor and though he's never said it it seems like he has a curriculum that he follows, and obviously it's very different from the beginners class
The owners teach the advanced classes, and they kinda have a loose idea of what they want to do for the week. For example they might start the week off starting in x-guard and then work their way from there though out the week. They also teach the nogi classes and it's 50/50 whether it's relater or not.

There are two sets of fundamentals classes taught by different instructors, each instructor does something independent from the other, and also independent from the advanced.
Where I train, we have a few different people who teach the beginners BJJ class (our head instructor, myself, and another purple belt). We don't really coordinate the lessons we teach, but we've all been together so long that we just intrinsically know what we consider to be the core basics that need to be covered in the beginners class. Sometimes we talk about what we've been teaching, and other times we just build our lessons based on what we see when the students roll, and what we think they need to work on the most. But it really has nothing to do with our game. The three of us have totally different styles, but we teach the same basics.

As for the advanced class, our head instructor teaches them all, as he's a seasoned black belt and the advanced class is all blues and purples. He follows his own curriculum, typically spending a few weeks on a series or a position or a group of moves. And again, it's not based on his own style. For example recently he did a few weeks on DLR and Berimbolo attacks, which is definitely not his style.